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Using LTE to do live broadcasts has been gaining momentum across the mobile ecosystem. Broadcasting live videos at above-HD quality requires robust connectivity which is often beyond what a single LTE connection is capable of. Peplink’s SpeedFusion and Smoothing features make broadcasting always work.

What Are Your Challenges in Broadcasting Connectivity

Ensuring Great Live Broadcasts Performance

Though broadcasting via the internet offers more mobility and lower cost compared to satellite broadcast, mobile networks are inherently unstable. Network speed fluctuates wildly according to utilization, which leads to undesirable stuttering. A single LTE connection is therefore hardly enough to ensure smooth broadcasting.

Cost Management

Doing live broadcasts outdoors with satellite or specially ordered fixed line internet often incurs substantial cost. The communication equipment can take weeks to set up and require specialized teams to look after.

High Bandwidth & Low Latency

As demand increases, so does the need for higher bandwidth and lower latency. Ultimately this allows for a near real-time display and any disconnection of failure would mean a poor user experience.

Market Trends

Featured Products

UBR Plus
  • Affordable Dual-cellular Multi-WAN router
  • Built-in eSIM to allow flexible carrier management
  • All-in-one WAN solution with built-in traffic steering
Transit Duo Pro
  • Dual-cellular Multi-WAN router
  • USB Power input for flexibility
  • SpeedFusion technology for Bandwidth Bonding

BR1 Pro 5G
  • Embedded 5G ready device with Wi-Fi 6
  • Multi-Core processor for gigabit speeds
  • Low profile form factor suitable for portability

Pepwave MAX HD4 MBX. Quad Cellular Gigabit LTE Mobile Router.
  • 2.5Gbps throughput
  • Upgradable to 5G
  • SpeedFusion technology
SFE Camera
  • Embedded to the camera
  • Various connectivity options – Wi-Fi AP or WAN
  • Cloud service and technology
  • SDX Pro deployed as a load balancer
  • SIM Injector for easy SIM management
  • Provides power to HD1 Dome Pros
HD1 Dome Pro
  • HD Dome deployed as expandable cellular nodes
  • SIM Injector for easy SIM management
  • IP67 rated enclosure for different weather conditions

SpeedFusion Cloud

Keep Your Connection Flowing

VPN endpoint hosted on the cloud to allow for rapid distribution of footage.

Peplink for Broadcasting

Trends, Devices and Solutions

An increasing demand for broadcasting in different fields has been seen in the past few years. Broadcasting is no longer just about sharing content in real-time. But what is the market looking for? What can we do? This flyer explores these questions from the aspects of education, content creation, event organizing, media broadcasting, and film production.