BAOSN Goes Live with Full REMI using Peplink

Game On – Live and Later! This is the tagline of BAOSN, a local broadcasting organization in California. They have been working with high schools and colleges to deliver cost-effective and quality broadcasts of sporting events to the web, for free. This time, they wanted a reliable solution to help them produce full REMI events.


REMI (Remote Integration Model), or Remote production, is increasingly becoming the favored mode for sports production. REMI refers to the production mode of capturing live content at one location, while production is done at a central studio.

Though becoming more common, REMI still has its challenges. BAOSN needed advanced technologies such as mobile, reliable cellular connectivity to make this possible. They aimed to use full REMI for one of their tournaments consisting of 14 games across the span of 4 days. 


Through West Networks, BAOSN deployed SDX routers to their production studio and the basketball court. At the basketball court, JVC 500s were connected to the SDX through the PoE+ FlexModule. HD1 Domes were linked to the SDX to provide additional LTE connections, placed in different areas of the building for better cellular connectivity.

Connected to the SDX at the production studio was a decoder. This was then directly attached to multiple JVC decoders and to the replay machine. The JVC decoders were used to perform frame synchronization between all the cameras before being broadcasted.


Having SDX routers at each location established a SpeedFusion tunnel in between the basketball court and production studio. This aggregated the LTE and fiber connections from the basketball court making video transmission smoother from one location to the other. Furthermore, the inclusion of HD1 Domes to the deployment ensured a stable connection at the basketball court, the video source.

Thanks to this Peplink deployment, BAOSN was able to broadcast live and at a later time using REMI with full confidence that not a second of video was missed. On top of Peplink’s great pricing, BAOSN commended West Networks for their top-tier support and willingness to travel from coast to coast to deploy the solution.



  • Deployed to BAOSN’s production studio and at the basketball court
  • Established a SpeedFusion Tunnel enabling SpeedFusion technologies
  • Futureproof design with interchangeable modules

HD1 Dome

  • Connected to the SDX at the basketball court
  • Adds additional LTE connectivity to the deployment
  • Receives and delivers cellular signals to the SDX without loss