Case Studies


MPLS Alternative

Augment or replace MPLS with our SpeedFusion Unbreakable VPN technology. Save big while gaining bandwidth and reliability.
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Unbreakable VoIP

Get clear VoIP calls without dropouts using Peplink’s bandwidth bonding technology. Achieve call resilience and reduce phone line costs by combining commodity links.
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Cellular Bonding

Enjoy high bandwidth and uninterrupted networking no matter where you are. SpeedFusion bonds multiple cellular links to maximize your bandwidth, while Hot Failover keeps you connected.
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Unbreakable Internet

Combine bandwidth from multiple sources for ultimate dependability. Our intelligent technology automatically detects problems and compensates to deliver rock-solid performance.


MediaFast Caching

Download once, distribute as many times as needed. MediaFast Caching is designed to provide instant concurrent access to cached content. Perfect for networks that are frequently congested and locations with limited bandwidth.
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Featured Deployments

This is where we feature some of the most interesting customer-submitted deployments. For a chance to be featured, just post your deployments on our
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Outbreaks and Emergencies

See these cases to learn about Peplink’s solutions for Rapid Deployment.