Business with SFC Cover

Make your branch connection unbreakable

Business with SpeedFusion

Be it a single office or thousands of branches, you’ll need a good connection to ensure business runs smoothly.

SpeedFusion Connect

Make sure your VoIP and online services stay stutter free

Enjoy the open air as you work with zero network disruptions

Peplink eSIM Data Plans

Cover your bases with a data plan that never fails

Top up your eSIM data with just a few taps

Monitor Your Network

All of your Peplink devices accessible from the palm of your hand

App UI

Generate Network Reports

Check on the quality and data usage of each WAN connection

App UI
SFC App Section Background

Manage SpeedFusion on our companion app

Peplink App

Bring the easiness of network management to the palm of your hand

UI Image 1

Monitor Your Router

connection status and configure WAN usage

UI Image 2

Connect Your Router

to Peplink Cloud Locations in over 25 cities

UI Image 3

Active SpeedFusion Service

for connectivity protection

UI Image 4

View Reports

on WAN quality and data usage

UI Image 5

Share Access

with friends and family to manage your devices

UI Image 6

Manage Multiple Routers

at the same time