Peplink 5G Routers for
Robust Remote Connectivity

Peplink 5G Routers and Networks provide robust connectivity between people, businesses and objects around the world, wherever they are. Cellular 5G networks enable faster, reliable connections; Peplink helps you make the most of these 5G networks with a broad range of equipment and services.

SpeedFusion Technology maximizes the potential of the 5G networks
Peplink is capable with both 5G and LTE connection
Peplink wireless and SD-WAN routers provide robust 5G networks
High performance and reliability of Peplink 5G networks and 5G routers
Peplink provides different industries with high performance 5g networks and SD-WAN routers
InControl 2 provides you with full control on your 5G networks

5G Applications


5G autonomous connectivity enables vehicles to stay connected. Increasing safety, efficiency on the road, and in-car experience.


5G offers decreased latency, increased bandwidth uplink, and extended coverage to help successfully undergo digital transformation.

Branch Office

Through multi-WAN 5G routers, Peplink is able to provide an effective fiber failover link to branch office connections, eliminating any downtime.


5G router solutions ensure robust connectivity are centrally managed under one account for those mission-critical scenarios.


5G network offers manufacturers and telecom operators greater exposure and opportunities in automation, artificial intelligence, and IoT.

MAX Adapter

MAX Adapter

State of the Art Cellular Modem, with 5G.

MAX BR1 Mini 5G

Affordable, Long-lasting 5G for Mass Deployments.

MAX BR1 Pro 5G

Robust, portable
5G Router.


5G Router designed for Pros, by Pros.


5G Router with up to 4 cellular links.

MBX Mini

Dual cellular WAN
5G Router.

HD1 Dome Pro

5G Cellular Router for Outdoor Deployments.

Dome Pro Duo

Dual 5G Cellular Router for Outdoor Deployments.

Dome Pro LR

Dual 5G Long Range Cellular Router for Outdoor Deployments.

Balance 310 5G is a 5G SD-WAN router provides 5G-Hybrid connection for enterprise branch

B310 5G

5G Hybrid Enterprise Branch Connectivity.

B310X 5G

Advanced 5G Wireless SD-WAN Router for Speed and Reliability.

Balance 310 Fiber 5G is a 5G SD-WAN router provides 5G-Hybrid connection for enterprise branch

B310 Fiber 5G

5G/Fiber Hybrid Enterprise Branch Connectivity.


Expansion Modules for EPX / SDX / SDX Pro

FlexModule Mini

Expansion Modules for Balance 20X / 380X / 580X