Train. Upgrade. Win.

Whether you are winning over a prospect or supporting an existing customer, victory goes to the best prepared. That is why we have set up two training and certification programs: the Peplink Certified Engineer (PCE), and Peplink Certified Sales Specialist (PCSS). These two programs will equip your team with the knowledge and skills they need to overcome any challenge.

PCSS Program

Understand the unique possibilities that our technologies offer. Learn how our products work together to provide the best fit for any deployment.

PCE Program

Dive into the technical details of Peplink gear and perform expert network design. Troubleshoot like a pro with skilled tier-2 technical support.

Our Trainers

PCE/PCSS Trainer

Travis Durick


PCE Trainer

Martin Langmaid


PCE/PCSS Trainer

Khairy Mohammed

UAE/Middle East

PCE/PCSS Trainer

Jason Yeo


PCE Trainer

Dennis Hofheinz


Broadcasting PCE Trainer

Johannes Fickeis


PCE Trainer

Adnan Zafar


PCSS Trainer

Josh Velling


Broadcasting, Antennas, PCE Trainer

Marcus Dowling

Australia/New Zealand/APAC

PCSS Trainer

Mandy Steininger

New Zealand

Maritime PCE Trainer

Sam Norris


Know this stuff like the back of your hand?

Grow together with us as a Peplink trainer for your region and vertical.