Peplink Certified Partner Program



Become a Peplink Channel Partner and build your business by helping customers get more from their wide area networks while spending less. Our advanced WAN bonding solutions, powered by patented SpeedFusion technology, give customers blazing speed and seamless connectivity at big savings compared to MPLS and other legacy technologies.

The Opportunity

Your customers are looking for high performance/low cost alternatives to traditional networking technologies. Give them what they want and drive you business to new heights with Peplink. Our fast and affordable WAN bonding and Internet load balancing solutions are perfect for supplementing or replacing costly MPLS deployments and pay for themselves in just 2-4 months, on average.


IDC Weighs in on Peplink IoT Opportunities

IDC, a leader in market intelligence, has analyzed the prospects of industrial IoT and weighs in: Peplink’s ability to manage diverse WAN connectivity opens new opportunities, enabling rapid deployment of reliable IoT networks.

Multi-WAN devices capable of providing secure, versatile, resilient connectivity anywhere, enables rapid, efficient deployment and management of IoT networks – wherever they are needed. These devices add strategic capabilities to IoT sensor networks, seamlessly integrating IoT deployments into existing enterprise network architecture.

IDC IOT Whitepaper


  • •   Industry-leading WAN bonding and Internet load balancing.
  • •   True packet-level WAN bonding powered by SpeedFusion.
  • •   High performance at low cost leaves competition behind.
  • •   Pre-qualified leads and big discounts for certified partners.
  • •   Round-the-clock priority support.
  • •   Frequently updated marketing and sales tools from our Partner Pavilion.


  • • At least one Peplink Certified Engineer
  • • At least one Peplink Certified Sales Specialist
  • • Presence of Peplink brand & products on your website
  • • A good URL linked back to Peplink

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