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BYO eSIM* refers to Bring Your Own eSIM. This means that you can use up to two of your own cellular carrier’s eSIM service for quick and easy swapping.

* BYO eSIM only supports Consumer eSIMs.

Check out the BYO eSIM Activation Procedure here.

Peplink eSIM

Peplink eSIM is our on-demand data plan service. With a Peplink eSIM Data Plan subscription, your Peplink router can connect to local cellular networks instantly, no matter where in the world you are.

Peplink Router

Peplink routers^ embedded with an eSIM chipset are capable of using both BYO eSIM and Peplink eSIM.

^ Please refer to our list of supported models below

Use Cases

Active-Active Mode

Active Active

Suppose the router has multiple cellular modems. Multiple eSIM profiles can be used simultaneously. This is called the active-active mode. You can enjoy Hot Failover and Bandwidth Bonding with this setup.

Hot Failover

Bandwidth Bonding

Active Standby Mode

Active Standby

Suppose the router has only a single cellular modem. Only one of the eSIM profiles can be active. Another eSIM profile will be on standby. This is called the active standby mode.

You can enjoy Basic Failover with this setup.

Basic Failover

Benefits of eSIM

SIM Card Slot BYO Icon

Easy SIM Management

Never worry about losing physical SIMs again.

Improved Durability

Never worry about losing physical SIMs again.

Remote Provisioning

Remotely activate SIMs for convenient mass deployments.

Peplink eSIM Icon World Map

Worldwide Coverage

Instant connectivity wherever you go.

Designed for Reliability

Multiple carriers made available with one plan.

On-demand Data

Only pay for what you need.

Supported Models

Product Family

Balance & X Series

Balance & X Series

HD Series

HD Series

BR Series

BR Series

Transit & UBR Series

Transit & UBR Series

Max Adapter Series

Max Adapter Series

FlexModule Series

FlexModule Series

^ Please cross-check and confirm with the image below, the form factor of your FlexModule Plus.

Supported FlexModule Plus

Supported FlexModule Plus

Includes membrane marking ‘Cellular’

SIM slot size 4FF

Not Supported FlexModule Plus

Not Supported FlexModule Plus

Includes membrane marking ‘Main’

SIM slot size 2FF