Coffeehouse Chain Gets a Double Shot of Stable and Agile Connectivity

A distinguished multinational coffeehouse chain has established over 10,000 branches in the United States. They were looking to upgrade their aging connectivity solution. They wanted a connectivity option with more flexibility as they continue to expand their enterprise.


The coffeehouse chain was still using plain old telephone service (POTS) lines in their branches for inhouse connectivity. However, using this connectivity option resulted in high maintenance costs, especially for dedicated lines in remote branches.

Additionally, for a growing enterprise, upgrading this system resulted in purchasing more physical equipment and lines which were not only costly, but complicated to set up. And since physical lines are required, inclement weather can easily disrupt connectivity.


With the help of one of Peplink’s American partners, the coffeehouse chain deployed MAX BR1 Minis to over 2300 branches. Peplink’s MSP partner replaced the branches’ POTS lines with VoIP phones primarily using LTE connectivity. 

On top of this, all devices were configured with InControl 2, Peplink’s cloud-based management tool. On top of this, the MSP partner can also bulk upload the settings to different branches remotely.


The coffeehouse chain can now continue operations in branches with this futureproof solution. The VoIP replacement eliminates the need for a Private Branch eXchange (PBX), routing calls across the data network via a router instead. 

Furthermore, InControl 2 gives the coffeehouse chain a more flexible and scalable deployment option. Thanks to this remote management tool, no on-site IT assistance is required to set up and configure each MAX BR1 Mini. 


MAX BR1 Mini

  • Cellular, Ethernet, and/or Wi-Fi WAN capabilities improving network resilience
  • Easy and scalable configuration eliminating need for on-site IT assistance
  • Wi-Fi made available for guests and targeted marketing opportunities


  • Virtual SpeedFusion appliance established with the VoIP Provider
  • Acts as an endpoint of the Peplink device to create a SpeedFusion tunnel
  • Enables SpeedFusion technologies