Quálitas Seguros Confidently Banks On Peplink Branch Edge Infrastructure

Quálitas Seguros, one of the leading auto insurance companies in Mexico, serves over 4 million clients in over 500 locations nationwide. In recent years, their expanding operations have suffered network downtime within branches. They turned to Peplink Partner Connectivity Solutions for a new network infrastructure capable of supporting their day-to-day applications.


Quálitas Seguros operates within a client-service environment, requiring the service of physical offices all over the country. Despite fixed line connectivity in all offices, their network was still vulnerable to incidents and interruptions.

They needed an updated network infrastructure that would provide each branch with more connection stability. The other challenge Quálitas Seguros faced was the scalability of their network setup. They wanted the capability to easily add technologies and applications when needed.


With these requirements in mind, Quálitas Seguros selected Peplink’s portfolio for their branches. With the help of Peplink partner Connectivity Solutions, they were able to take advantage of Peplink’s vast selection. They deployed the following to approximately 140 sales and operations offices nationwide.

2 Balance 2500s were installed in the headquarters in high availability mode. Balance 1350s were stationed in larger branches, while up to 90 Balance 305s and around 33 Balance 210s were situated in smaller branches, along with Balance 30 LTEs and Balance 20X routers.

Connectivity Solutions was able to configure the entire network using InControl 2. Throughout the network, Peplink devices were connected to dual MPLS lines and one best-effort connection. This best-effort connection serves as an on-demand network service that would allow the transmission of data in the event the MPLS lines are down.


The combination of Connectivity Solution’s experience and knowledge, InControl 2’s simple platform, and Peplink’s deployment flexibility and affordability made this the perfect solution for Quálitas Seguros. They especially valued Peplink’s innovative devices.

Deploying Peplink allowed Quálitas Seguros to benefit from Bandwidth Bonding, combining the MPLS links. WAN Smoothing has also been used regularly for important annual meetings with general management. After this deployment, Quálitas Seguros reported an average uptime of 99.27% for the entire network, with 0.73% heavily due to electrical problems.

Additionally, since the need for best-effort links are reduced, there is less expenditure on these. Juan Ramón Zepeda, one of the Quálitas Seguros engineers, said, “We had excellent feedback as our failures have greatly diminished. Which translates directly into a successful user experience.”

Simultaneously, InControl 2 helped them monitor operations 24/7. The customized dashboards made it easier for Quálitas Seguros to oversee the overall networks, as well as detailed information for each branch. If there happens to be occurrences with network downtime, they are now able to detect the carrier, reason, and time of impact.


Balance 2500

  • Deployed in the headquarters
  • Installed in high availability mode for redundancy
  • High capacity to support Quálitas Seguros’ large number of users

Balance 1350

  • Installed in larger branches
  • Uses Bandwidth Bonding to bond double MPLS links
  • Supports up to 5000 users in each branch

Balance 710

  • Established in branch locations
  • Enables SpeedFusion technologies such as Bandwidth Bonding
  • Forms an unbreakable VPN bond for data transmission

Balance 305

  • Up to 90 routers deployed across branches
  • Also supports Bandwidth Bonding 
  • Maximum 1GB throughput for day-to-day operations

Balance 210

  • Around 33 devices installed in offices
  • Combines MPLS links for larger bandwidth 
  • Small form factor makes it good for smaller offices

Balance 30 LTE

  • Placed in 3 branches
  • Opens up opportunity for cellular links
  • Embedded LTE Failover for resiliency

Balance 20X

  • Half a dozen situated in varying sites
  • Provides the potential use for LTE connectivity
  • Futureproof design with interchangeable modules