Firmware and Manual Downloads

As of June 2015, Peplink products come with free Firmware upgrades. If your Firmware is requesting a license key, please follow these steps.

Latest Firmware Releases and User Manuals
Balance, MAX, and Surf SOHO Firmware
  • Peplink Balance
  • Pepwave MAX
  • Peplink Balance with MediaFast
  • Surf SOHO
Firmware 7
AP One, AP Pro Firmware
  • Pepwave AP One
  • Pepwave AP Pro
AP Firmware 3.5.4

appro_fwPepwave Device Connector
Pepwave Surf On-The-Go
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appro_fwInControl Appliance

Release: 6.3.2

Supplementary Materials

Supplementary GuidesSupplementary Guides
Balance 2500 Installation Guide
IP67 mounting guide
CLI Command Guide

Software SupplementsSoftware Supplements
CLI SSH Command Reference

Firmware ArchiveFirmware Archive
Binaries and User Manuals
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