Explore Peplink’s Software Solutions

From the data center to the IoT, Peplink software helps you manage and secure your network easy and smoothly

InControl 2

Cloud Based SD-WAN Network Management Platform. Provision, Monitor, Manage. All From a Single Screen.

InControl API

Integrate InControl functionality and reporting directly into your own system, web-based platform, or an app.

FusionHub Solo

Establish SpeedFusion connections between popular cloud services and your single Peplink device with FusionHub Solo.


SpeedFusion virtual appliance for multiple users. Establish SpeedFusion connections between Peplink devices and popular cloud services or private server hardware.

SD – WAN Controller

Cloud management platform designed for easy deployment and management of networks over multiple geographic regions.

SpeedFusion Cloud

Eliminates the need for users to set up their own SpeedFusion endpoint or FusionHub at a central site.

Time & Attendance System

Turns attendance management into a more than easy process & significantly reduces administrative workload.

Pepsign Cloud

Manage your own ads or update signage displays in real time from anywhere through an easy to use browser interface.

Pepxim IoT Cloud

Monitor all your devices’ voltage, wattage, temperature, and current to each port for precise troubleshooting.

Router Utility App

Provides you with instant insights into device status, events, bandwidth usage, and more.