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Why incorporate SpeedFusion Connect into your connectivity?

Global Coverage

Global Coverage

Leverage the global reach of public clouds to ensure that you get the fastest response time and the most reliable connection.

SpeedFusion Technology

SpeedFusion Technology

Enjoy Bandwidth Bonding, Smoothing, and Supercharged Connectivity from any compatible router.

Minimal Infrastructure Needed

Minimal Infrastructure Needed

No need to invest in core hardware, setting up, or even maintenance.

Reduce Network Costs

Reduce Network Costs

Optimize your network by combining multiple commodity links to create a high bandwidth tunnel.

Supported Models

Require firmware 8.1.0 or above

Enterprise Routers

Balance | SDX | EPX

Enterprise Routers

Balance Series

SDX Series

EPX Series

Enterprise Mobility

HD | Dome | MBX | PDX

Enterprise Mobility

HD Series

Dome Series

MBX Series

PDX Series

Mobile Routers

BR | Transit | UBR

Mobile Routers

BR Series

Transit Series

UBR Series

Soho Routers

Soho | B One

Soho Routers

Soho Series

B One Series




SpeedFusion Engine Series

SpeedFusion Connect Usage Plans

Unlimited Plans


SFC Unlimited Usage

Unlimited Usage / 400 Mbps

1 Month Valid

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SFC Unlimited Usage

Unlimited Usage / 400 Mbps

1 Year Valid

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Regular Plans


SFC Plan B

500GB / 200 Mbps

180 Days Valid

USD 20


SFC Plan C

1TB / 200 Mbps

365 Days Valid

USD 40


SFC Plan D

2.5TB / 200 Mbps

365 Days Valid

USD 80


SFC Plan E

5TB / 200 Mbps

2 Years Valid

USD 159


SFC Plan F

10TB / 200 Mbps

3 Years Valid

USD 299


SFC Plan G

20TB / 200 Mbps

3 Years Valid

USD 589

Purchase / Top Up

Peplinks eStore Certified Partners SFC Portal

All pricing applies to US region only, other regions may vary

Please also refer to our SFC Usage Plan & Peplink eSIM Data Plan Terms and Conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is SpeedFusion Connect (previously known as SpeedFusion Cloud)?

SpeedFusion Connect is Peplink’s infrastructure that provides access to a global network of SpeedFusion endpoints and technology without requiring additional hardware.


Can I purchase one SpeedFusion Connect plan and leverage it over multiple Peplink devices?

No, each SpeedFusion Connect plan is attached to a single device’s serial number. Each device must have its own plan in order to utilize SpeedFusion Connect.


How do I activate the SpeedFusion Connect allowance that’s included with my Care plan?

All Care plans now come with SpeedFusion Connect included. This data allowance will automatically begin and end in accordance with your warranty. No activation is required.


Can I activate SpeedFusion Connect once and link multiple Peplink devices to it?

Yes you can, the SpeedFusion Connect does not count towards your device’s peer limit.


Does SpeedFusion Connect count towards my SpeedFusion peer limit?

No, it does not.


My plan has expired but I still have usage left. What happens? Will it rollover?

Any remaining usage from expired plans will not be carried forward.


Can I track and monitor my SpeedFusion Connect usage?

Yes, keep track of your usage via the dashboards of your router’s WebUI.


How are SpeedFusion endpoints allocated?

An option to either manually choose your endpoint or automatically be assigned an endpoint is available. Click to learn more here.


How do I ensure the application that I want to protect uses SpeedFusion Connect?

You can use an outbound policy to ensure that traffic from a specific application goes through SpeedFusion Connect. Define your source traffic as “any” and select your application under “protocol”. Select “enforced” as your algorithm, and finally, select the SpeedFusion Connect as the enforced connection.


If I purchase multiple plans will the validity of the plans accumulate?

The maximum validity is 3 years. For example, If you buy 2x SFC-CLD-F plans at the same time, which has a 3-year validity per plan, the maximum expiry will still be 3 years.


I have activated “Auto-Renewal” in eStore. When will my subscription Auto-Renew?

By default, the preset trigger is set at 7 days prior to expiry or 10% data remaining, whichever comes first. Click to learn more here.


Does utilizing SpeedFusion Connect require special firmware?

Yes, all compatible models are required to have firmware version 8.1.0 or higher to utilize this service.

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