Don Mueang Airport became the world’s largest low cost carrier airport in 2015. It is Thailand’s 2nd most busiest airport with over 40m passengers annually. This far surpasses other popular destinations like Phuket International Airport and Chiang Mai International Airport with 18m and 11m annual passengers. This means that Don Mueang Airport must regularly hold Emergency Response Plan training in order to maintain high standards of service and safety. They also live stream the training to other staff for them to watch and learn.


Don Mueang Airport needed an unbreakable connection that was able to live stream at least 8 video feeds at the same time. There was one problem, the video feeds were from the airport runway where there was no cellular signal. In addition, the airport was not providing any internet for this training and using regular internet at the airport is very expensive. The strict policies were giving planners a difficult time solving how to live stream the Emergency Response Plan.


Don Mueang Airport turned to CYN Communication for a solution to their difficult challenges. CYN were able to devise a solution with 8 encoders, 1 for each camera, 4 MAX Transit Duo routers, 12 SIM cards with unlimited data plan and 10mbps upload speed, 4 generic routers, and Peplink’s FusionHub as a virtual server. To help power all of these machines, CYN also used a UPS, a USB power bank, and a DC adapter power supply.

In this way, the 8 cameras would transmit their live feed to the 8 encoders. The 8 encoders were then connected in pairs to the MAX Transit Duo routers. Each Transit router had 3 SIM cards, 1 of which was connected via Ethernet port using the generic routers. From the Transit routers, the live feeds would then be transmitted with WAN Smoothing and SpeedFusion bonding to a FusionHub server. This ensured that all 8 camera feeds remained jitter-free and stable throughout the entire exercise.


Thanks to CYN’s solution, the staff were able to receive a live stream with a latency of under 1 second. This was due to the SIM cards’ upload speed along with SpeedFusion. Not only was it in real-time, the live stream was very stable and jitter-free thanks to WAN Smoothing.
The live stream was successful thanks to CYN’s solution and Peplink’s SpeedFusion and WAN Smoothing technology.


Pepwave MAX Transit Duo. Dual LTE-A Pro Router ideal for transportation deployments.
MAX Transit Duo
  • Deployed at central site for quick and stable connection from cameras to FusionHub.
  • 3 SIM cards with unlimited data plans and 10mbps upload each in every router for rapid upload of camera feeds.
Peplink FusionHub Virtual Appliance. Extend SpeedFusion to Your Cloud.
  • Deployed on cloud to combine camera feeds before live streaming to the audience.