SpeedFusion Cloud

Unbreakable Connectivity with a Single Click

SpeedFusion requires at least two endpoints with a Peplink router or FusionHub on each end. With SpeedFusion Cloud, we take care of the central endpoint so you can focus on your business instead.

Leave the Infrastructure to Us

It’s not always easy setting up the central end-point

Network builders face a number of challenges when setting up and maintaining a reliable network core:

Need to invest in core hardware and setting up the infrastructure

Need to comply with your organization’s security policies.

Need to hire qualified IT personnel to support your network.

The SpeedFusion Cloud addresses all these challenges by hosting the network core on the cloud. Simply connect your SpeedFusion-compatible router to enjoy Bandwidth Bonding, WAN Smoothing, and unbreakable connectivity.

Upgrade licenses to handle higher traffic and longer durations

Product CodeProduct NameUsageSpeedValidityMSRP USD*
SFC-DP-TRIALSpeedFusion Cloud Free Plan100 GB50 Mbps3 monthsFree
SFC-DP-TOP-BSpeedFusion Cloud Top Up Plan B500 GB100 Mbps6 months$ 20
SFC-DP-TOP-CSpeedFusion Cloud Top Up Plan C1 TB100 Mbps1 year$ 40
SFC-DP-TOP-DSpeedFusion Cloud Top Up Plan D2.5 TB100 Mbps1 year$ 80

* Pricing applies to US region only, other regions may vary.

How it Works?

SpeedFusion Cloud #3

Packet-Level Security

Peplink hosts SpeedFusion endpoints in public clouds. These endpoints connect with your routers using packet-level bonding. By sending packets through different WANs, your connection becomes rock solid and secure on a packet level.

SpeedFusion Cloud #4

Global Provisioning

Leverage the global reach of public clouds. When a device connects to the SpeedFusion Cloud, it will connect to the nearest available cloud datacenter. This ensures that your endpoint gets the fastest response times and the most reliable connectivity.

Benefits of SpeedFusion Cloud

Unbreakable cellular bandwidth on demand.

Enjoy coverage from multiple network operators without the need for multiple fixed contracts.

Global connectivity. Stay connected anywhere in the world.

Cost based on actual usage without fixed monthly fees


    Q. What happens when I hit the 100GB usage cap or after 90 days?


    Once you hit the 100GB usage cap or after 90 days, the SpeedFusion Cloud will disconnect. We will soon announce upgrade licenses to handle higher usage and longer durations


    Q. Can I terminate/suspend my existing Internet service once it is connected to SpeedFusion Cloud?


    No, we leverage existing broadband to provide unbreakable connectivity. This service combines the bandwidth of existing links into a SpeedFusion connection.


    Q. Does the device have to be in warranty or have an InControl subscription?


    This offer is for all customers, the device does not need warranty or InControl subscription.


    Q. My device only supports 2x SpeedFusion profiles and they are both in use. Can I still use the SpeedFusion Cloud service?


    Yes you can, the SpeedFusion Cloud does not count towards your device’s peer limit.


    Q. How do I make sure the application I want to protect uses the SpeedFusion Cloud?


    You can use outbound policy to ensure that traffic from a specific application goes through the SpeedFusion Cloud. Define your source traffic as “any” and select your application under “protocol”. Select “enforced” as your algorithm, and finally select the SpeedFusion Cloud as the enforced connection.


    Q. How do I check my SpeedFusion Cloud usage?


    You can check your SpeedFusion Cloud usage on the dashboard of your router’s WebUI.


    Q. What SpeedFusion technologies are available on the SpeedFusion Cloud?


    The SpeedFusion Cloud supports full Bandwidth Bonding and WAN smoothing.


    Q. Will there be a list of SpeedFusion Cloud endpoints to choose from?


    The SpeedFusion Cloud will automatically choose the endpoint that is nearest to your device.


    Q. Where do I go if I need help with the SpeedFusion Cloud?


    Feel free to start a thread in the forum, this place is regularly visited by engineers. Otherwise, you can open a support ticket.