Realm Pictures is a film production company based in the UK that has created a new genre of live interactive video game events. Their first creation was the Live First Person Shooter which they filmed in their studio grounds using local fixed line connectivity. However company faced challenges during the setup and production of the second level of the game.

We didn’t have a single problem with the cellular – it was super robust, very impressive! [and] on a shoot like this [that is] utterly utterly vital.”

-David Reynolds. Artistic Director, Realm Pictures
Real Life Hitman SD-WAN Livestreaming #2


When they went to film the second level in a disused power station which had no fixed line connectivity available, they realized that they needed a different way to obtain reliable, high bandwidth, low latency Internet connectivity to make it work.

Reliable high bandwidth & low latency connectivity on film production locations were main challenges for Realm Pictures.

‘’We’ve got reliability, high bandwidth, we’ve got low latency.’’

An Interview with David Reynolds at Realm Pictures about how Peplink SD-WAN enables their new live interactive video gameplay format.


After searching for a solution that could use multiple 3G/4G LTE cellular connections they discovered Peplink SD-WAN technology, and contacted Grapevine Connect – a local Peplink Partner, to help.

Grapevine Connect has now worked on two productions with Realm Pictures – the latest being a series of real life interactive Hitman games, where multiple 3G/4G LTE connections were bonded at the location and connected over SpeedFusion VPN via a FusionHub virtual appliance in the cloud to the Internet. 

Real Life Hitman SD-WAN Livestreaming #3

This not only gave Realm Pictures a high bandwidth, reliable, low latency Internet connection, but also allowed for inbound connections from the Internet to on location set pieces (like a remote controlled machine gun) providing a full interactive experience for the end users.

Real Life Hitman SD-WAN Livestreaming #4


For Realm Pictures, Peplink SD-WAN enables them to consider bold exciting locations for new levels and future projects, safe in the knowledge that Grapevine Connect and Peplink SD-WAN will enable them to connect to their audience and players successfully – wherever in the world they may be.