The Quickest Way to Increase 5G Capacity for Broadcasting

Broadcasting | Remote Connectivity

This national broadcasting company provides the whole country with the latest news via popular live-on-demand streams.


They had previously used the MAX HD4 from Peplink together with SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding to combine multiple LTE connections together, and saw great results. This was perfect for what they needed, since a fixed line is not present.

Due to the popularity and increasing viewers of their streams, a reliable connection with high uplink speed and low latency was needed. Peplink proposed a rapidly expandable solution to further enhance the current setup.


In order to keep their current setup and enjoy instant results, the MAX Adapter 5G was introduced. 

For times when higher bandwidth is needed, all they need to do is plug in the MAX Adapter 5G to provide additional bandwidth for their application. The 5th cellular connection introduced is in the form of 5G, which enables higher uplink speeds for their high-definition streams.


The rapid deployability and portability of this device is the key advantage to going down this route. By linking to a FusionHub in their datacenter, a SpeedFusion tunnel was formed which means all connections could be bonded together into a reliable high bandwidth tunnel to provide instant results for their broadcasting demands. 

Furthermore, the built-in eSIM on the MAX Adapter 5G means they can subscribe to one SpeedFusion Connect data plan, not have to worry about the admin tasks, and just focus on what they do best. 



  • Used at the remote streaming locations
  • Quad Cellular device with support for up to 4 cellular connections
  • USB WAN support for the MAX Adapter 5G

MAX Adapter 5G

  • 5G ready device with redundant SIM slot
  • SpeedFusion Connect ready with the built-in eSIM
  • Highly portable and discreet


  • Established on AWS in between physical data centers and remote location
  • Enables SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding
  • Low cost and rapidly deployable