Joe T Vannelli

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A Surge in Live Stream Performing

In the recent months following the effects of the global pandemic. The constraints of the Coronavirus isolation have halted most recreational activities including the nightlife scene. In spite of these dire circumstances, entertainers and artists, such as Joe T Vannelli, have not let it bring them down but rather responding in innovative ways like live streaming. Live streaming has provided performers a means to connect to audiences whilst maintaining social distancing.

Joe T Vannelli’s journey started in 1977. He had always been a leader with his mind and soul in awesome clubs and parties. He is oftentimes the center of attention which results in creating house history on numerous occasions.


Planning a live stream broadcast can be incredibly complex but it has become the new norm in recent times. In response to this, Vannelli and his team approached our partner, ComputerArea. They were searching for a reliable solution that’ll enable them to experience trustworthy, jitter-free connection even when LTE band is low. Vannelli wanted to give his fans the feeling of the live conditions while capturing some of the most beautiful and picturesque locations of his tour. This includes the beautiful city of Genoa, home to the newly inaugurated San Giorgio Bridge.


To provide seamless connectivity during live music streaming, the team deployed a MAX Transit Duo LTEA at the site of the performance and a FusionHub at the central server. This creates a SpeedFusion tunnel which guarantees Vannelli’s team the best possible connection. In addition, Peplink WAN Smoothing technology ensures jitter-free video streaming by mitigating the effect of packet loss and uneven network latency. By using InControl, the technicians can perform configurations and troubleshooting to overcome technical hurdles during live streams.

The Future of Live Streaming

Entertainers like Joe T Vannelli have embraced live streaming during this unprecedented time. Its potential to increase their audience is one of the positives that has emerged from the pandemic. It is unlikely live streaming will vanish completely after COVID-19. Instead, we’ll see more integration of online presence. So it may be safe to say that the creative industries will transform following COVID-19. But no doubt, it’s important to remember that if live streaming continues to rise, we must continually invest to overcome any technical hurdles artists like Joe T Vannelli may have in the future. 



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