MAX Transit Duo Pro

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MAX Transit Duo Pro
MAX Transit Duo Pro Wi-Fi 6

Wait no more, experience the new fast

Why settle for less advanced Wi-Fi, throughput and SpeedFusion speed?
Experience it all, but faster with Wi-Fi 6!

It’s got the power!

Achieve non-stop power for fixed deployments or on-the-go mobile deployments with duo USB-C power bank input ports. Equipped with a Micro-Fit power connector to secure your power source, ensuring that your device remains powered on with no outage. Believe it’s got the power!

Poor connectivity? No problem!

A simple connection to SpeedFusion Cloud keeps your connection unbreakable. With intricately placed endpoints globally, it ensures you remain connected wherever you are.

SpeedFusion Cloud
eSIM and SIM Injector

Elevate the way you manage SIMs

Elevate the way you manage SIMs with eSIM support and sophisticated hardware like the SIM Injector. Manage SIMs more efficiently from anywhere, at any time.


Safeguard your applications

MAX Transit Duo Pro offers flexibility in the ways you can create SpeedFusion VPN tunnels, enabling 256-bit AES Encryption to ensure your applications are kept protected, so that you can browse with confidence.

Docker and Python

Running applications just got easier!

Want to run third party applications directly with your MAX Transit Duo Pro?
Well now you can! With edge computing Docker and Python*, the possibilities are endless!

* Available in firmware 8.3.0.

SpeedFusion Connect Pack

Bundle Offer

Receive a complimentary SpeedFusion Connect Pack with the purchase of any additional PrimeCare plan (available in 2 or 4 year options).^ The SFC Pack includes SFC Protect and a bucket of SFC LTE/5G with global access. #

^ Contact your reseller for more information.
# The SFC pack includes 2.5TB SFC Protect and 30GB SFC 5G/LTE

MAX Transit Pro connectors

MAX Transit Duo Pro

MAX Transit Pro diagram
  • SoftwarePepwave MAX Firmware
    WANSupport for PPPoE, Static IP, DHCP
    WAN Link Health Check
    Bandwidth Allowance Monitor
    Support for Dynamic DNS services
    IPv6 Support
    LANDHCP Server for LAN Clients
    Extended DHCP Option
    DHCP Reservation
    DNS Proxy for LAN Clients
    VLAN on LAN Support
    Load BalancingIntelligent Failover
    Session Persistence
    Per-Service Load Distribution
    Multiple Algorithms
    -Weighted Balance
    -Least Used
    -Lowest Latency
    -Fastest Response Time
    Complete VPN SolutionSpeedFusion VPN
    – Site-to-Site VPN
    – SpeedFusion Hot Failover^
    – SpeedFusion WAN Smoothing^
    – SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding ^
    – 256-bit AES Encryption
    – Pre-shared Key Authentication
    – Dynamic Routing
    – PPTP VPN Server
    – RADIUS, LDAP Authentication
    IPsec VPN (Network-to-Network)@
    NetworkingNAT and IP Forwarding
    Static Routes
    Port Forwarding
    Many to One, One to One NAT
    NAT Pool
    SIP ALG, H.323 ALG
    WINS Server
    Security128-bit WEP
    WPA & WPA 2
    Stateful Firewall
    DoS Prevention
    Web Blocking
    Advanced QoSIndividual Bandwidth Limit
    Application Prioritization
    -Custom Application QoS
    AP ControllerAP Controller Support
    Wi-Fi Usage Statistics
    Global Positioning SystemIntegrated GPS
    Device Location Map
    Location Tracking Data with InControl 2
    Fleet Management with InControl 2
    Captive Portal SupportSupport for Wired and Wireless LAN Clients
    Support RADIUS Authentication
    Time and Usage Quotas on Open Access Mode
    Built-in Customizable Splash Page
    Social Wi-Fi Hotspot support
    External Captive Portal support
    Certifications-FCC, CE, RoHS, IC
    -EN 61373:1999 IEC 61373:1999 Shock and Vibration Resistance
    -EN 50155 Railway Applications – Electronic Equipment used on Rolling Stock
    -EN 61000 Electromagnetic Compatibility
    Device ManagementWeb Administrative Interface
    Command Line Interface
    InControl Cloud Management
    Email Notification
    Active Client and Session Lists
    Bandwidth Usage Statistics
    Syslog Service
    SNMP v1, v2c and v3


    ^ Requires a PrimeCare subscription, complimentary for the first year.
    @   IPsec VPN supports connection with Cisco, Juniper, Peplink, or Pepwave devices.
    * Certification pending.

  • Product CodeEmbedded
    RegionsLTE Bands3G Bands
    1x CAT-7
    Primary: North America*Cellular 1 (CAT-7):
    B2, B4, B5, B7, B12, B13, B14, B25,
    B26, B41, B42, B43, B48, B66, B71

    Cellular 2 (CAT-12):
    B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B7, B8, B9, B12,
    B13, B14, B18, B19, B20, B26, B29,
    B30, B32, B41, B42, B43, B46, B48,
    Cellular 1 (CAT-7):
    HSPA+: B2, B4, B5

    Cellular 2 (CAT-12):
    HSPA+: B1, B2, B4, B5,
    B6, B8, B9, B19
    MAX-TST-PRO-DUO-LTEA-D-T-PRM2x CAT-12Primary: APAC & EMEAB1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B7, B8, B9, B12,
    B13, B14, B17, B18, B19, B20, B21,
    B25, B26, B28, B29, B30, B32, B38,
    B39, B40, B41, B66
    HSPA+: B1, B2, B3, B4,
    B5, B8, B9, B19
    MAX-TST-PRO-DUO-LTEA-E-T-PRM2x CAT-7Primary: EMEAB1, B3, B7, B8, B20, B28, B32, B38,
    B40, B41, B42, B43
    HSPA+: B1, B5, B8

    *US Carrier Certifications: AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon.


    Product Code Description
    PRM-D-1Y PrimeCare D (1-Year)
    PRM-D-2Y PrimeCare D (2-Year)
    PRM-D-4Y PrimeCare D (4-Year)
    MAX-TST-PRO-DUO-BD-SP-2Y MAX Transit Duo Pro Bundle Offer – 2 year PrimeCare extension & complimentary SpeedFusion Connect Pack
    MAX-TST-PRO-DUO-BD-SP-4Y MAX Transit Duo Pro Bundle Offer – 4 year PrimeCare extension & complimentary SpeedFusion Connect Pack
    SFC-CN-SP SpeedFusion Connect Pack for MAX Transit Duo Pro (Includes 2.5TB SFC Protect and 30GB SFC 5G/LTE)
    ACW-DIN-TST DIN Rail Mount
    ANT-MB-42G-S-B-6 7-in-1 Cellular and Wi-Fi Antenna System with GPS Receiver (Black)
    ANT-MB-42G-S-W-6 7-in-1 Cellular and Wi-Fi Antenna System with GPS Receiver (White)
    PCP-D-1Y PrimeCare+ D (1-Year)
    PCP-D-2Y PrimeCare+ D (2-Year)
    PCP-D-4Y PrimeCare+ D (4-Year)
    LIC-VWAN Activate 1x Virtual WAN
    LIC-2VWAN Activate 2x Virtual WAN
    LIC-3VWAN Activate 3x Virtual WAN

  • MAX Transit Duo Pro

    • MAX Transit Duo Pro
    • 4x LTE Antennas (ACW-234)
    • 2x Wi-Fi Dual Band Antenna (ACW-341)
    • 1x GPS Active Antenna (ACW-232)
    • 1x 12V 2A 4 Pin Power Supply (ACW-632)
    • 1x 6 Pin Terminal Block Connector
    • 1 Pair of Mounting Brackets (ACW-724)