The IT / Audio team from RTL Radio Center Berlin was looking for a suitable router solution for the mobile broadcasting studio that flexibly meets the special requirements for external broadcasts. The solution should guarantee uninterrupted (external) transmission through a stable connection.

Uninterrupted Radio Transmission for RTL Berlin #2


The solution had to be easy to use because employees in different locations should get the technology up and running with little effort. The focus was also on significantly reducing the previous “cable spaghetti”, saving costs through additional DSL connections and shortening the set-up time. In order to ensure a continuously stable connection for an uninterrupted transmission, a reduction in latency was also required.


After individual advice from Vitel, the decision was made in favor of the router solutions HD4, HD2, Balance 380 and the FusionHub from Peplink. Before using the devices, jitter and latency had to be fine-tuned. A prioritization for Audio over IP was also created. The Peplink devices were implemented within three weeks. In the broadcast studio in Berlin, two different DSL lines are used with the Multi-WAN router Balance 380. Peplink solutions are able to combine the bandwidth of up to 18 Internet connections. The HD4 and HD2 can connect to the studio network via the SpeedFusion tunnel via the Balance 380 router.

Uninterrupted Radio Transmission for RTL Berlin #5
Uninterrupted Radio Transmission for RTL Berlin #4


The bundling creates a stable high-speed SD-WAN connection with which live broadcasts from the mobile branch offices arrive without disturbing the listener. With the FusionHub from Peplink, the telephone network is also routed to the HD4 router via a separate tunnel. This means that the employees of the mobile broadcasting studio can be reached at any time via a landline number – even for radio transmissions from abroad. Thanks to the use of the new solution, lines no longer have to be ordered in advance, which in turn saves valuable time and money.



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