Starlink with Peplink Case Studies

Global adoption of Starlink shows no signs of slowing down, it has now become the solution for remote connectivity. No matter if you’re in the city, out in the fields or out at sea, Starlink will be able to help you stay connected.

Let’s take a look at how some of our users use Peplink to supplement their Starlink setup.


Starlink at sea with Kaos

With an MBX Mini serving as the core of the Kaos, bonding the bandwidth of two Starlink antennas was no problem at all. Multiple cellular data plans and a 5G MAX adapter are also used for additional failover. AP One AXs then broadcast the signal across the boat, leaving no blindspots on board. Thanks to its many layers of failover, unbreakable connectivity at sea is no longer just a dream.


Broadcasting to the world with Starlink

Using an HD4 MBX 5G on-site, Tividoo connected a Starlink antenna and four 5G cellular connections together for a reliable live stream. Mobility Antennas were brought out on an adjustable tripod as a flexible option for signal gain, alongside an Ecoflow Powerstation for power. Bonding the four 5G connections allows for a reliable steady data stream even among a sea of audience members.

DCI Technologies Inc. & Leighton Art Centre

Connecting the world with Art

Located in the rural foothills of Alberta, Canada, the Leighton Art Centre was able to bring a stable connection to its many buildings with Starlink. With a bonded Starlink/Telus connection and a Balance 20X as the main router, Wi-Fi is provided throughout each building for guests, students, and staff to use. The museum now operates considerably faster than before with much greater reliability and at a lower operating cost.


Going on tour with Starlink

Techie by day, singer/songwriter/storyteller by night, Dan and Faith have no problem working from their home away from home. With the BR1 Pro 5G onboard and a Mobility 42G antenna to boot, a backup cellular connection provides connectivity while in motion. While parked out west, Starlink saves the day with connectivity where cellular isn’t present; In the east, where trees tend to preclude a view of the sky, T-Mobile’s 5G service does the job nicely. Whether it’s important VoIP calls or live streaming his onstage music, Peplink ensures a solid connection wherever they go.

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