The world of broadcasts and streams requires constant connectivity, and there are no exceptions for Rockstar Show Services. Specializing in event services and live video production, Rockstar Show Services brings their events broadcasting expertise wherever their clientele needs them. And some of these locations stray away from urban areas, requiring reliable connectivity.


Many video production teams are asked to travel to temporary locations. For most mobile video production teams, truck-mounted satellite dishes were the conventional method of achieving connectivity.

Although impressive-looking, Rockstar Show Services found this solution starting to fall behind modern technology. Additionally, satellite connectivity is expensive as broadcasters were required to pay in order to reserve time on dedicated satellites.


To meet the growing need for newer technology, with the help of  Frontier Computer Corp., Rockstar Show Services introduced the Unbreakable Internet Core. This is a rentable or purchasable mobile solution to provide constant connectivity, perfect for video production teams.

The most recent build of the Unbreakable Internet Core utilizes Peplink SDX Pro, along with dual 5G FlexModules. The SDX Pro has built-in edge computing capabilities to minimize latency and increase application responsiveness.

The 5G FlexModules were chosen to maximize available networks in remote areas. “If 5G isn’t available on-site, the device will connect to whatever the best available connection is,” said Rockstar Show Services founder and CEO Tony Wolken.

This deployment also emphasizes the technologies of SpeedFusion. The Unbreakable Internet Core enables Bandwidth Bonding to aggregate multiple available links into one large-bandwidth channel, supporting large data transmissions.

“Ease of deployment has been a pleasant surprise with the Peplink product line. I can get a production person up and running on Peplink gear faster than on anyone else’s. For a very technically advanced product, deployment is very simple and easy to understand.”

– Tony Wolken, Rockstar Show Services Founder and CEO


The Unbreakable Internet Core not only introduces video production teams to high-quality connectivity, but to a full quality experience. The ease of deployment makes setting up convenient for crew members with little to no experience with network engineering.

Rockstar Show Services knows they can rely on Peplink devices, offering solutions beyond the Unbreakable Internet Core. They rent out a large fleet that includes MAX Transit routers, MAX HD2s, Balance 310s, Balance 3105Gs and Balance 310Xs. This allows video production teams to work together, even remotely. 

Thanks to a fully-integrated Peplink ecosystem, video production teams are able to maximize production whether on-site or off-site. 



  • Deployed as the Unbreakable Internet Core along with dual 5G FlexModules
  • Uses edge computing capabilities to host devices and minimize latency
  • Enables SpeedFusion technologies to facilitate continuous data transfers
  • Dual 5G FlexModules ensure the highest quality connections whenever possible