Broadcasting the Bangsaen 42 Chonburi Marathon

Broadcasting | Event Connectivity

“As difficult as it is to run a marathon, it’s even harder to film.” The Bangsaen42 Marathon is no exception to this. 42.195 km in length, the Bangsaen42 Chonburi Marathon is an annual marathon held in Bang Saen, Chonburi Province, Thailand.


CYN Communication was brought in to provide a solution for the Bangsaen42 Marathon. They needed to be able to stream the marathon to the world from the back of motorbikes. This meant that they needed a solution that was small, compact, and portable. Because of this, they could not adopt the traditional method of a satellite uplink due to the filming conditions.


CYN came up with a simple but effective setup by installing SpeedFusion Engines within backpacks. This helps them to integrate SpeedFusion SD-WAN into their network configuration to give them unbreakable connectivity. They then attached the SpeedFusion Engine to a video encoder which is connected to the video recorder. With this, they have two different LTE connections that feeds through the SpeedFusion Engines to connect back to a MAX HD4 in the command center. This configuration gives them diversity and reliability by offering them the choice between four LTE connections.


The solution by CYN is proof that a successful setup does not always have to be a complicated one. This set up that they have chosen to adopt here is simple yet effective. Thanks to this, viewers could stream the marathon in real time as if they were there. This was all made possible through the help of Peplink’s SpeedFusion technology, WAN Smoothing. 


Pepwave MAX HD4. Quad 4G LTE Mobile Router.
  • Portable wireless broadband supported by 4 cellulars, 8 SIM Cards
Pepwave SpeedFusion Engine. Industry’s smallest SD-WAN platform.
SpeedFusion Engine
  • Ultra compact size with low power consumption
  • Combines dual high speed cellular connections