In this golden age of streaming that we currently have, people are bringing new and exciting broadcasts to their audiences. The world of competitive racing is no exception.

Fetterhund Motorsports, Busy Guys Racing and Vermont SportsCar all provide jitter-free livestreams to their viewers as they barrel down the racetrack. Though with some races being held in the middle of nowhere, that isn’t always as easy as you’d think. Let’s take a look at how each of them tackle this challenge in their own unique way.

Fetterhund Motorsports

Bringing Unbreakable to Fetterhund Motorsports

With a UBR LTE installed in the trunk of their car, they’re using SpeedFusion to bond two cellular networks together for an effective streaming solution for their viewers. Fetterhund Motorsports provides high quality live streaming to their fans across the nation.

Busy Guys Racing

Keeping Busy with Busy Guys Racing

With a MAX Transit Duo LTEA in their car, and being powered via various power options, they’re able to stream live footage of their races to their audience. Even in the packed racetrack, Busy Guys Racing could still pull ahead of the curve in terms of streaming.

Vermont SportsCar

Subaru streams their dominance on the track

Vermont SportsCar, partner to Subaru, deployed an HD4 MBX 5G on site to ensure smooth communications between the drivers and the pit crew. Engineers need to constantly monitor the vehicles’ condition and make constant tweaks on the fly.  Meanwhile, on the other side of the track, Transit Duos and Mobility Antennas were deployed on site to bring their viewers closer to the action via livestreams on social media.