Tutoring Camp Project

Education | Remote Learning

Peplink solutions work for a variety of verticals and industries. The ease of use and flexible management give us an optimal lead in innovative offerings. Recently, we teamed with an Asia-Pacific giant to deliver the best solution possible for educational needs. In this case, it was a tutoring camp project.


During COVID-19, the only safe way to attend classes is through distance learning. A client also wanted to give back to students preparing for secondary study in this way. Thus, they sought help to find a neat solution for their tutoring camp project.

Upon planning for the project, the client was met with several challenges. They are:

  • the lack of fixed Internet connections, 
  • high capacity for 600 students,
  • multiple-machine support for hosting Zoom live classes,
  • and the need for low latency with a high data rate.


Fully noticing the challenges and needs, the team at CYN came up with an unrivaled solution based on Peplink’s cutting-edge technology.

The deployment first consisted of the MAX HD4 MBX, a quad-cellular gigabit powerhouse. It was used to host 40 notebooks, with each having a separate Zoom session. The four LTE SIMs provided connectivity via the built-in LTE modems. Three 5G modems were plugged directly into the WAN ports. In total, it provided seven individual cellular connections.

Besides, the MAX HD4 supported the live streaming of virtual classes and provided connectivity to workstations. The tutoring team there thus could help students with their questions. What’s more, an additional 5G modem added an extra 5G connection to the pool, bringing it to five individual cellular connections.

At last, the data center hosted a FusionHub virtual appliance, combining all twelve cellular links into a single, colossally high bandwidth tunnel.


Zoom sessions have never experienced high latency since then, thanks to Peplink’s solution with Bandwidth Bonding. It led to real-time responses, improved data rate speed, and high traffic capacity. Ultimately, it provided a consistent and reliable 200Mbps connection every single time.


  • Multi-WAN quad-cellular powerhouse router, supporting additional 3x 5G modems.
  • Future-proof device, allowing new technologies to be implemented via the expansion module. 
  • Able to create a SpeedFusion tunnel with the FusionHub, and benefit from SpeedFusion technologies.
  • Quad-cellular mobile router, delivering outstanding performance.
  • Able to run 5x cellular connections by adding a 5G modem.
  • Allow implementing SpeedFusion technologies within the SpeedFusion tunnel.
  • Provide a SpeedFusion connection with the Peplink devices in a self-hosted manner.
  • Access applications through aggregated bandwidth.
  • Maintain the integrity of live sessions even if a WAN connection breaks.