Unbreakable 5G Ready SD-WAN Solutions For Rail

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Comprehensive Transportation Connectivity Solution

Transportation deployments face a number of challenges. Spotty network coverage produces cellular dead spots throughout the trip. Even when connectivity is available, there may not be enough throughput for bandwidth-intensive tasks such as streaming or videoconferencing. SpeedFusion SD-WAN solves this problem by combining the bandwidth of multiple connections.

In addition, Routers, access points, and cameras all need a reliable supply of power to operate. The SD Power Management Unit (SD-PMU) and the upcoming BR1 Power regulates and manages power directly from the vehicle, while the rugged SD-Switches deliver 802.3at PoE to cameras, access points, and Ip Phones. To pull our ecosystem together, we have InControl cloud management. From any web browser, users could manage all the aforementioned devices as well as track the location of any vehicle equipped with a GPS-enabled Peplink router.

Network Diagram: The Big Picture

Objective: Provide unbreakable connectivity and video surveillance for each train cabin


  • Cellular reception varied throughout the length of the train
  • Access Points and Cameras needed to be connected and powered from batteries located at the first and last carriage
  • Only one Ethernet cable can travel between each train carriage
  • Solution:

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    Featured Products
    MAX BR1 Power – Cellular Router, Integrated SD-Power Supply MAX HD4 MBX – 5G Ready Quad LTE Router
    MAX BR1 Power | Single Cellular Router with SD-Power Supply for Network Equipment
    • Converts fluctuating voltage from vehicles into reliable 52V for powering devices.
    • Integrated cellular enables Internet connectivity, and out-of-band management.

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    MAX HD4 MBX | 5G ready Quad LTE Router
    • Cellular router, combines bandwidth of up to 4 cellular providers.
    • Removable cellular module, upgrade to 5G and other future technologies when needed.

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    16-Port SD-Switch – Software Defined Switch Balance Multi-WAN Load-Balancing router
    SD-Switch 16-Port | Software-Defined Switch
    • Delivers 16x 802.3 PoE Outputs to power cameras, access points, and IP Phones.
    • Supports LAN Bypass , allowing network traffic through even if it loses power.
    • Fanless design, industrial temperature range.

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    Balance 1350 | 13 WAN Ports Router as a Load Balancer
    • Bandwidth Bonding router for wired deployments of all scales.
    • Manages each connection, redistributing traffic to “healthy” WAN connections.
    • Equipped with load balancing algorithms.

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    Dome Antenna Industrial-Grade Access Point
    ANT-100-LTE4-G | Outdoor Cellular Antennas
    • Precision assembled by machine.
    • Built with high-quality cabling.
    • Wide range to address different needs.

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    APO Rugged | Industrial-Grade 11ac Access Point
    • Provides Wi-Fi connectivity.
    • Can be centrally managed via InControl.
    • Indoor and outdoor form factors available.

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    M12 series What’s on our roadmap?
    M12 series | Includes MAX Transit, APO Rugged
    • M12 Connections for Ethernet ports and Power.
    • Twist-on connectors, stays on even when subject to shock and vibration.
    • Two available Peplink models in the M12 series:

    MAX Transit | APO Rugged

    Peplink will be launching high-speed connectivity for 5G ready platforms:
      ► MAX HD2 MBX (with Cat 18)
      ► MAX HD6 MBX (with Cat 12)
    Announcements about other Cat 12 models for all budgets, will be made on our Forum. Please check back for updates on these and other new products.

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    InControl Cloud SD-WAN Management InControl Cloud SD-WAN Management


    Cloud-Based SD-WAN Network
    Management Platform