Hoiana Resort is one of the two largest international 5-star luxury casino resort projects in Vietnam. It has 4km of pristine beachfront as well as one of Asia’s best golf courses. Thanks to an investment capital of 4 billion USD, they also boast of a modern casino system. In addition to that, Hoiana also provides many other entertainment facilities. These facilities include healthcare, shopping, cultural exhibitions, handicrafts, amusement parks, yachts, golfing, and much more.

On top of all of that, Hoiana Resort also invested in a mobile internet system for their high-end limousines. This is because these limousines are provided to VIP guests for travel around the Quang Nam area. This includes areas such as within the area of ​​the resort, tourist destinations outside of the resort, and to and from Chu Lai Airport.


As a service that affects the satisfaction of guests, the limousine service is also held to high standards. That is why it is important to ensure that the mobile internet system meets the following standards:

  • The solution is highly flexible, easy to develop and to scale up in the future.
  • Ensure access to a stable, high speed connection.
  • Easily meet the needs of a central management mode and supports remote configuration through the Cloud.
  • Devices are reliable and has flexible roaming capabilities.


Hoiana Resort turned to Genco to provide a solution for their fleet of limousines. Genco chose to deploy MAX Transit Duos with 4 SIM cards to each limousine. This allows for bandwidth bonding which combines network bandwidths together for faster speeds. Meanwhile, the other 2 SIM cards are reserved for hot failover to continue providing internet connection in the event the first 2 SIM cards lose connection. They then deployed a Balance 1350 to the control center for uninterruptible connection. This also created a VPN connection from the control center to all the limousines, allowing them to transmit dash cam footage in real time.


Hoiana is able to provide their VIP guests with fast and reliable Internet as they ride in the limousines thanks to Genco’s solution. Due to this, guests had Internet access at all times. This also allowed Hoiana to provide top quality service around the clock and to keep guests informed of events and specials.

In addition, the solution allows Hoiana to easily change the number of routers on the fly with minimal time and effort. This is due to Peplink’s highly flexible, easy to install equipment and their cloud management software, InControl2.

Thanks to Genco’s team of experts, Hoiana was able to deploy a cost effective solution that was easy to manage and scale. All while meeting the high standards of service and performance that is expected from a 5-star resort.


Pepwave MAX Transit Duo. Dual LTE-A Pro Router ideal for transportation deployments.
MAX Transit Duo
  • 2 SIM cards run simultaneously to help speed up the network access of passengers.
  • Dual SIM backup with Failover feature, automatically switch networks quickly when the primary SIM has problems.
  • 802.11ac dual-band WiFi reduces interference and conflicts, provides a stable connection for devices used in vehicles such as dashcam, laptop, smartphone, tablet.
  • Supports Hoiana in implementing a variety of advertising campaigns to increase customers’ attention on casino activities and services.
Peplink Balance 1350. Powerful SD-WAN router with 13 WAN Connections.
Balance 1350
  • Provides the ability to evenly distribute data traffic to different Internet lines, making the control center’s Internet access uninterrupted.
Peplink InControl 2. Cloud Based SD-WAN Network Management.
Incontrol 2
  • Creates a stable high-speed SD-WAN connection that allows data to be transferred quickly.