How do you make this?

What you will need are HD Domes. They are cellular modems with embedded antennas. Install as many domes as you want for extra cell data transmission, and connect the domes to the SDX Pro with a PoE cable for zero signal loss. 

Easy SIM Switch

Don’t forget to insert the FlexModule SIM Injector into the SDX Pro or connect a standalone SIM Injector to remove the hassle of changing SIM cards. The SIM Injector allows SIM cards to be located away from the router, meaning no more climbing up and down just to swap SIM cards. 

SDX or SDX Pro will connect you to your headquarters with SpeedFusion technology. It combines the bandwidth of ALL cellular connections into a single mega-bandwidth channel, providing you with the fastest and most reliable internet connection.

What else?

This deployment is gaining popularity not only in the mobile medical field, but in other fields too. Check out the video for more successful client cases with West Networks!


sdx-pro for mammography case study
HD-dome for mammography case study
SIM-injector for mammography case study

Modular and flexible powerhouse router with 8 PoE+ ports to supply power and house SIMs assignable to HD1 Domes.

Encased in and IP67 enclosure, making it ideal for outdoor deployments to receive and transmit signals with more focus.

Connect to a compatible router to increase SIM slots and allow convenient changing of SIM Cards