Puma Series

Cellular Antenna

Cellular antenna designed specifically for public safety, mobile healthcare, and transportation connectivity.

Common Features

5G Ready

5G can reach speeds 10x faster than 4G LTE. Download movies in just seconds.

IP68 Rated and UV proof

Certified quality protection from dust, water, and UV allows you to use it even in poor weather conditions.

B71 Support

Supports extended bandwidth range, including B71.

7dBi High Gain

Increased signal strength for a stronger connection and less interference.

Which antenna is right for you?

Puma 401

4x Cellular | 1x GPS

With 4 cellular channels, the Puma 401 is a powerhouse, capable of providing you high bandwidth and solid reliability even under heavy usage. Equipped with high gain LNA, the GPS receiver has improved location tracking.

The Puma 401 is ideal for large-scale public safety, mobile healthcare, mobile command, and other operations using a large volume of data.

Puma 221

2x Cellular | 2x Wi-Fi | 1x GPS

With 2 cellular channels, 2 Wi-Fi channels, and a high gain LNA GPS, the Puma 221 is a versatile all-in-one cellular antenna solution. It has 2×2 MIMO and dual-band Wi-Fi for high bandwidth and solid reliability.

The Puma 221 is ideal for small-scale public safety and transportation connectivity.

Puma 020

2x Wi-Fi

The Puma 020 is a low-cost, dual-band Wi-Fi antenna built for mobile applications. It comes with 2×2 MIMO that provides you with a high bandwidth and solid reliability despite its price.

The Puma 020 is ideal for maintaining a strong signal strength when various obstructions may weaken or block Wi-Fi signals.

  • Frequently Asked Questions


    Q. Which Product category do Peplink Puma Antenna belong under?

    All Peplink Puma antennas are classified as Velocity Series.



    Q. What’s the difference between Puma 221 AND 401?

    The numerical figures 221 and 401 represents the number of LTE | Wi-Fi | GPS elements. Given this, the Puma 221 is therefore an antenna with 2x LTE, 2xWI-FI and 1x GPS element whilst the PUMA 401 antenna includes only  4x LTE and 1x GPS elements.



    Q. What does each letter/ number on Peplink Puma series on the SKU numbering stand for?



    Each number and letter after the series name, has its own meaning and purpose. Here’s what it stands for: 

      ⚬ The first number represents the number of LTE element 

      ⚬ The second represents the number of  Wi-Fi element 

      ⚬ The third  represents the number of  GPS element 

    The next letter in the SKU numbering represents the RF connector type, there are 3 options for this: S-SMA male; Q- QMA male; N- N-type male.

    The letter following this will simply represent the colour of the model: B- Black; W- White.

    The final number will represent RF cable length ft: 1- 1ft/0.3 meters; 6-6.5ft/2 meters.


    Q. What cable length options are there for the Puma Antenna?

    What cable length options are there for the Puma Antenna?

    ⚬ Option 1 – 1ft/0.3m) For any short-range deployments between the router and the antenna

    ⚬ Option 2 – 6.5ft/2m) For middle range deployments. 

    ⚬ Option 3 – 16ft/4.8m) For  long range deployments,this will require a short pigtail (Puma-xxx-Q-x-1) plus an extension cable (EXC-xQ-15).


    Q. Why QMA is better than SMA/N-type to an extension cable?

    QMA connectors are designed as snap-on locking replacement for the standard SMA connectors. In the case of an extension, using a QMA connector is quick to install and prevents any dispatch in the future in comparison to SMA or N-types.