Xtreme Xperience needed a connectivity solution for their event area


Connectivity needs vary a lot, with some needing powerful enterprise setups in their data centers while others may just need connectivity on the go. 

Xtreme Xperience offers adrenaline rushing supercar experiences across 35 cities at famous racetracks in the US. 

Their business model means that the locations are ever changing, so something portable and powerful would be needed. Aside from this, fixed lines would not be guaranteed and thus cannot be relied on. 

Their previous solution was to use mobile hotspots which were dotted across the event area. However, this was unreliable and very often users would be faced with spotty coverage as soon as they moved away from it. On top of this, not all mobile hotspots are weather resistant, meaning they’d have to stay located under cover. 

Peplink solution for Xtreme Xperience


With the nature of this field being outdoors and always on the move, West Networks implemented their famous weather-resistant SpeedFusion Case to transport the perfect Peplink setup whenever needed.

A high throughput quad cellular Peplink HD4 IP67 was introduced, coupled with two high gain Mobility Antennas to receive all cellular signals with minimal loss. The HD4 IP67 is designed for heavy duty applications which, in this case, will be exposed to the environment. 

Three AP One Flex’s were installed in a 360 degree arrangement on an extendable metal pole so they were located high up, avoiding as many barriers as possible that may affect the signal strength. These were linked to an 8 port SD-Switch within a custom IP67 box with external panel ports to allow for waterproof ethernet connections. 

This configuration can easily handle the connectivity needs for the entire event area. 

Peplink solution for Xtreme Xperience


Thanks to West Networks and Peplink, a portable yet versatile setup was deployed providing full event Wi-Fi coverage for all areas of the event. The quad cellular networks were combined together using Peplink’s Bandwidth Bonding to create one large high bandwidth tunnel. Xtreme Xperience can even receive a full 4 bars of signal from up to 1000 feet away from the unit!

In times of heavy loads and busy periods, Dynamic Weighted Bonding was used in order to monitor and reduce real time latency. This reduces packets going through a link which isn’t performing, sending packets to the links with the least latency instead. 

Peplink’s versatility combined with SpeedFusion Cloud allows SpeedFusion technology to be used without the need for cloud infrastructure or heavy data center investment. Wherever they go, minimal setup time is needed. 

Carrying mobile hotspots with spotty coverage is now a thing of the past for the team at Xtreme Xperience.

“To move forward with new projects and technologies, Xtreme Xperience needed a mobile, durable, and weather resistant high speed internet solution. West Networks listened to our needs and built the perfect solution for our touring operations. “

David Eisner-Kleyle, Director of Quality Assurance, Xtreme Xperience
Peplink solution for Xtreme Xperience