Extreme Tests with Extreme Bandwidths

A luxury car brand stress tests their new car designs in extreme environments. They needed a fast and stable connection to send data from the test cars back to their headquarters to make adjustments on the fly.


The car manufacturer tests their newest designs and self-driving cars in remote locations with extreme temperatures and at high altitudes, where connection is unreliable. A problem arises when they require real time data sent to their headquarters far away.

The only feasible way to go online is through mobile SIMs, but with a single SIM, data transmission is slow and unstable. Peplink devices were already being used in their test sites in other countries, and we were tasked with matching their established setups in their new testing sites in Asia.


As they have already used Peplink devices in their other locations, they reached out to a local partner, asking for a similar setup. The partner suggested our HD4 MBX. Not only is it made to withstand -40°C to 65°C environments, its rolling stock certification makes it perfect for deployment in a bumpy car ride. It also supports Ignition Sense to make sure that the connection doesn’t get cut off abruptly when the car is turned off.

HD4 MBXs were installed in each of the test cars alongside Mobility 40G antennas to ensure the signal was received from afar. With the help of bandwidth bonding, it combined the bandwidth of up to 4 cellular SIMs to create an unbreakable high speed network. 


With the help of FusionHub, engineers back in their headquarters were able to receive data on their car’s performance in real time, without the need to leave the comfort of their office. With immediate feedback from the test sites, they are able to fine tune their designs and improve the functionality of their self-driving cars instantly.

The new high speed network saves them time and money, as well as ensuring the safety of their staff. With that said, Peplink aims to become the gold standard of connectivity across all industries around the world.



  • Supports up to 8 SIM cards to ensure a strong solid connection
  • Operable in extreme temperatures and made for mobile deployment
  • Creates a SpeedFusion tunnel to a FusionHub enabling SpeedFusion technologies

Mobility 40G

  • Paired with the HD4 MBX in test cars
  • Focuses signal strength in remote locations
  • IP68 rated enclosure with quality protection from dust and water


  • Acting as an endpoint for the HD4 MBX
  • Established on AWS in between physical data centers and remote locations
  • Enables SpeedFusion Technologies