Blue Chip, Velocity and
Volume-Based Series

All Peplink products are classified into three major categories,
i.e. Blue-Chip, Velocity and Volume-Based Series.

CategoryBlue-Chip SeriesVelocity SeriesVolume-Based Series
Product Families
Balance 310X 5G, 305, 380, 380X, 580, 580X
Balance 710, 1350, 2500, 2500 EC
MediaFast 200, 500, 750
SpeedFusion Engine Cam*
FusionHub 100, 500 & 1000
SIM Injector
FlexModule Plus
MAX BR Series* (excl. BR1 Mini, BR1 Pro 5G & BR1 Pro CAT-20)
MAX BR2 Pro 5G*
MAX Transit Duo Pro*
MAX HD Series
MAX HD Dome / Dome Pro Series*
B One# , B One 5G*, Balance 20, 20X,
Balance 30 LTE, 30 Pro
Balance One
Balance Two
AP One, AP One Rugged
AP Pro AC, AP Pro AX
Device Connector
Surf OTG, Surf SOHO, SpeedFusion Connect Relay
SpeedFusion Engine
FusionHub Essential & Pro
SIM Injector Mini
Pepsign Player
GPS Tracker, SD Switch
FlexModule Mini
MAX BR1 Pro 5G
MAX BR1 Pro CAT-20
Mobility, Maritime, IoT

MAX BR1 Mini
MAX BR1 Mini 5G
MAX BR1 Mini Core
MAX BR1 Mini M2M
MAX Transit Mini
MAX Adapter
Territory RestrictionsResellers are authorized to sell in countries specified in the contract.Anyone can sell to customers anywhere.Resellers are authorized to sell in countries specified in the contract.
Authorized eTailer Policy
Self-hosted WebsiteAllowed to advertise but no pricing information shall be disclosed.Allowed to advertise at no less than MSRP.Allowed to advertise at no less than MSRP.
Third-party WebsiteNot allowed to advertise.Not allowed to advertise.Not allowed to advertise.


*These are Blue-Chip Series products with advertising exceptions where Authorized eTailers that have been qualified as a Peplink Certified Partner may advertise the price information (at no less than MSRP) online.
Authorized eTailers may also advertise the price information of other Blue-Chip Series devices with SKUs containing LTEA-US, L TE-US, or LTEA-R.
# . For these products, the Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) Policy does not apply.

Last Updated: 22nd January 2024