Featuring 802.11n 2×2 Wi-Fi with software selectable, embedded directional and omni antennas, options of 5GHz Wi-Fi support, dual embedded world-mode 3G, or single 4G LTE modem, plus dual PoE output ports and an array of easy and cost-effective datacenter-based or cloud management options, the Flex AP outdoor access point provides an unprecedented level of versatility and power in a compact, rugged package that fits almost anywhere and stands up to almost anything.

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The Flex AP is the first AP with embedded, software-selectable directional MIMO and omni MIMO antennas. Whether users need point-to-point performance or 360-degree coverage, the Flex AP has them covered, without extra cost or equipment.

Available with dual embedded 3G world-mode modems or a single embedded 4G LTE modem, the Flex AP gets users online wherever they work. 3G users can even use both modems at the same time with SpeedFusion™ bonding, boosting both speed and reliability, even when using connections from two different carriers.

With 48V Pepwave Passive PoE Injector*, Flex AP is capable of powering up to two 802.3af/48V Pepwave passive PoE outputs, so one electrical connection can power the Flex AP and up to two 802.3af-/48V Pepwave passive PoE-enabled devices, including surveillance cameras and other peripherals. You can even power two additional Flex AP units on a single power source, reducing cabling hassles and deployment complexity.

*Available separately.

The Flex AP offers a variety of convenient and cost-effective centralized management options to keep you in control of your outdoor deployment at all times. Whether you choose Pepwave’s FusionHub Controller, or our InControl cloud-based control interface, you get complete and intuitive device control that follows you everywhere.


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