Balance Series

Built-In Survival Mechanism. No More Connectivity Failure.

Designed for enterprise networks, and stays connected even if a WAN link breaks. Equipped with a wide range of load balancing algorithms to handle any situation.

Common Features

Advanced Enterprise Features

Rock Solid Link Load Balancing


Drop-in Mode

Which one is right for you?

Wireless SD-WAN

Balance 20X

Best Value in SD-WAN. Expandable to Dual 4G LTE.

Balance 20X (with FlexModule Mini LoRaWAN)

Enjoy LoRaWAN and SpeedFusion Concurrently.

Balance 310 5G

5G Hybrid Enterprise Branch Connectivity.

Balance 310 Fiber 5G

5G/Fiber Hybrid Enterprise Branch Connectivity.

Balance 310X

Enterprise SD-WAN Router for Medium-Sized Branches.

Balance 380X | 580X

Fixed and Advanced Wireless Broadband SD-WAN Router.


Highest Performance Ensured.


Modularized for Maximum Flexibility.


Modular SD-WAN Router with Edge Computing Capability.


Balance 20

Most Affordable SD-WAN Router with a Proven Track Record.

Peplink Balance Two. Versatile Small Branch Office Router.
Balance Two

Gigabit Branch Router. Built for Demanding Workloads.

Peplink Balance 305. Price Performanced Router with 3 WAN Connections.
Balance 305

Price Performance Leader. Proven Track Record.

Peplink Balance 380. Rock-Solid Performanced Router with 3 WAN Connections.
Balance 380

Rock-Solid Performance for Business Environments.

Peplink Balance 580. Reliable, Cost-Effective, and Full-Featured SD-WAN Router with 5 WAN Connections.
Balance 580

Link Aggregation and Load Balancing Across 5 WAN Connections.

Peplink Balance 710. Enterprise SD-WAN Router with 7 WAN Connections.
Balance 710

Enterprise SD-WAN. Combine 7 Links.

Peplink Balance 1350. Powerful SD-WAN router with 13 WAN Connections.
Balance 1350

Large Enterprise SD-WAN. Combine 13 Links.

Peplink Balance 2500. Flagship Balance SD-WAN router with 12 WAN Connections.
Balance 2500

Enterprise SD-WAN for Headquarters.

Balance 2500 EC

Edge Computing at its Peak.