With video conferencing, VoIP calls, SaaS, and the arrival of 5G becoming crucial parts of productivity, enterprise networking will need to be faster, more flexible, and manageable. While numerous enterprises are struggling to keep up, Peplink is here to help your business thrive with our all-rounded Branch Networking solution.

What is Branch Networking?

Branch networking is a system used to transmit information among headquarters and branch offices/stores, remote sites, or data centers. It is applicable and necessary for nearly every industry, be it a multi-national bank, a foodservice, a logistics company, or a small retail chain.

As long as your company or organization has more than one site operating, you will need a comprehensive branch network solution.

What are the challenges with Branch Networks?

Network Performance

It is of utmost importance for enterprises to maintain reliable connectivity as the modern business models rely highly on digital communication and management. Weak signal reception in distant areas might affect the daily operations and service quality of branches at remote locations.


For over a decade, enterprises have been using Multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) to connect their remote branch offices and headquarters. It is a relatively expensive network infrastructure with limited flexibility, so an increasing number of enterprises are trying to replace this system with SD-WAN solutions. However, without an agile solution, enterprises may face challenges when integrating new technology into the legacy network infrastructure.


When a company or organization is growing rapidly, it is already difficult for headquarters’ staff to monitor different branches and to make sure the service quality is similar in every branch. However, it can be even harder when each branch is using different network systems and devices.


The importance of internet privacy is on the rise. With the society being more technologically reliant than ever, enterprises are responsible for protecting the personal and payment information of their customers, as well as the company data of themselves. On the other hand, cyber attacks are getting more aggressive attributed to the rapid development of information technology.

Why is Peplink the best choice of Branch Networks solution?

Reliable Connectivity

With Peplink’s SpeedFusion technology, we ensure you obtain strong bounds of network reliability and several times the connection speed. Our bandwidth bonding will allow you to bond multiple slow WAN links to aggregate bandwidth at sites with poor connectivity options.

Besides, in the event of a WAN disconnection, our Hot Failover technology will transfer your traffic to another connection while maintaining session persistence. This seamless transition means that both your customers and employees won’t experience interruptions at any time.

Highly-scalable and Deployable

Most of our devices can provide you with multiple WAN options, so you can get all cellular, ethernet and wireless connectivity in one portable router, and standardize your branch network setting for easier management. Also, with our agile network infrastructure, you can easily replace the core MPLS system and start reducing network costs.

Centralized Management

With InControl, our cloud-based endpoint management system, you will be able to connect to your devices in every branch. It will aggregate data to generate useful reports on all aspects of your network. On a single screen, you can push configurations to any and all of your endpoints. If you need to dig deeper, you can remotely access the web admin of any device on your network.

Using InControl, you can save configuration time, minimize truck rolls, stay on top of the status of your network, and proactively resolve any emerging problems with speed and precision.

Network Security

For protecting digital privacy and company data, SpeedFusion VPN is an ideal option for establishing a secure tunnel over any WAN link. SpeedFusion VPN is introduced to make it even easier to migrate to SpeedFusion and build SD-WAN enabled networks.

It offers all the benefits of IPsec and other conventional tunneling protocols. No more worrying about securing your POS network or providing a smooth checkout process as SpeedFusion VPN will shield you from any kind of cyber attack.

What else can I get from reliable connectivity?

Other than increasing the efficiency of each brand and strengthening the connection between the headquarters and the branches, Peplink’s reliable connectivity can also bring you more business opportunities. How so?

By providing Wi-Fi connectivity to your customers, you can not only improve customer satisfaction, but also leverage this opportunity for targeted marketing. More importantly, only with reliable connectivity can you innovate and automate your business. An increasing number of companies are using smart kiosks or O2O ordering systems for digital transformation, are your branches well equipped for this evolution?

Peplink makes branch networking always work.

Featured Products

Peplink SDX. Modular Enterprise Grade Router.
Balance SDX
  • Deploy at headquarter or datacenter
  • SpeedFusion VPN provides reliable and fast access to the network resources
  • Modular design offers flexible choices of interchangeable connection interfaces, upgradeable to 5G
Balance 20X
  • Delivers excellent routing throughput, 11 AC Wave 2 WiFi, includes an embedded cellular modem.
  • FlexModule Mini slot which will support all kinds of WAN technology.
  • Wireless SD-WAN router with up to 4 bonded LTE connections ensures high performance and 100% uptime in remote branches
  • Access corporate network resources with SpeedFusion VPN in minutes, rather than weeks with wired line
Pepwave MAX Transit Duo. Dual LTE-A Pro Router ideal for transportation deployments.
MAX Transit Duo
  • Lightweight wireless SD-WAN router with 2 LTE slots for unbreakable connectivity to HQ resources
  • Great for pop-up site or “office in a box” type setup
  • Affordable, easily scalable and manage