Manufacturing Plant Assembles Complete Peplink Infrastructure for Reliable Connectivity

The American manufacturing plant of a globally known luxury automotive marque operates several storage and production facilities in the southeastern US. With a large number of branches, and a few of these located in remote areas, this manufacturing plant wanted to invest in a more stable network infrastructure.


The original network infrastructure of this manufacturing plant relied on dedicated fiber lines. Although this provided them with fast connectivity, fiber lines are slow to install. Additionally, these were not readily available in all of the sites making it difficult to install dedicated fiber lines in remote processing facilities. 

The manufacturing plant also tried to use mobile hotspots, relying on cellular connectivity. However, the single link provided by each hotspot was not efficient in remote locations where the connection is spotty. They looked into Peplink devices for a new infrastructure.


West Networks presented this manufacturing plant with a complete Peplink infrastructure. At the headquarters, SDX routers were installed in high availability mode for uninterrupted connectivity. West Networks then deployed HD4 MBX routers at different mobile sites dedicated to storage and inventory.

At one of the remote processing facilities, an SDX Pro was installed with HD1 Domes. While in another, SDX routers with BR1 Minis. Additional BR1 Minis were placed in various RFID locations to support RFID readers. Though in multiple locations, all devices are monitored and managed through InControl 2.

To enhance the network speed, West Networks introduced the manufacturing plant to SpeedFusion’s Bandwidth Bonding. Between the headquarters and the several sites, SpeedFusion tunnels were created. This enabled a wide channel built from a combination of multiple cellular carriers. In addition to the Bandwidth Bonding technology, they found SpeedFusion’s 5G/LTE Hot Failover to be a reliable backup to their remaining fiber lines.

Showroom Deployment Highlight

As an additional deployment, the luxury automotive marque reached out to West Networks to also improve the network infrastructure at one of their showroom locations. At the showroom’s IDF (independent distribution frame), an SDX Pro was installed with Maritime 40G antennas. To connect to the showroom’s different sections and other devices, the SDX Pro was connected to an SD Switch 48-port Enterprise.

A pair of SD Switch 24-Port Enterprise and AP One AX was set up at the reception area of the showroom, as well as in the social sphere. An SD Switch 24-Port Enterprise was also installed at the showroom’s vision center. Dual 5G FlexModules were used with the SDX Pro to provide cellular connectivity. The showroom’s network relied mainly on the SDX Pro’s dual 5G modems, resulting in recorded internet speeds up to 240Mbps.

“Peplink SpeedFusion technology enables us to scale our operations anywhere with only a few days or hours of notice.  Their zero day connectivity provided by the bonded cellular VPN allows us to respond to our business demands while not worrying about connectivity.”

– IT & Network Infrastructure Team


Thanks to West Network’s help, the manufacturing plant was able to rapidly deploy all devices to the different sites. They were also well pleased with the constant support and responsiveness provided by West Networks.

Their network infrastructure became more reliable, secure, and scalable. Despite the large deployment, this new network was able to pay for itself within months due to its affordable and practical infrastructure.



  • Deployed in high availability mode for uninterrupted service
  • Located at the headquarters and remote processing facility
  • Enables Bandwidth Bonding to support heavier use and more users
sdx-pro for mammography case study


  • Deployed to the temporary remote processing facility
  • With edge computing capabilities for reduced latency
  • Interchangeable modules enabling flexibility


  • Up to 4 deployed to mobile sites for storage and inventory
  • Supports up to 8 SIM cards to eliminate spotty coverage
  • Features swappable cellular modules

HD1 Dome

  • 8 Domes deployed with the SDX Pro to temporary remote processing facility
  • Embedded antennas for enhancing connectivity reception
  • Offers flexible mounts and installation options

BR1 Mini

  • Up to 40 deployed to the remote processing facility and for RFID readers
  • Enables Hot Failover to LTE for constant connectivity
  • Small form factor deployable to industrial applications

Showroom Deployment

sdx-pro for mammography case study


  • Deployed to the showroom’s IDF
  • Using dual 5G modems for unbreakable connectivity
  • Ready-built infrastructure for SpeedFusion Cloud 
Dual AC Power Input 48-Port SD Switch w. 850W Power Budget #2

SD Switch 48-Port Enterprise

  • Installed with the SDX Pro
  • Connects SDX Pro to different showroom sections
  • Enables flexible and scalable deployment
Industrial Grade 24-Port SD Switch for Rugged Environment #2

SD Switch 24-Port Enterprise

  • Placed in each showroom section
  • Provides power and connectivity to AP One AX and other devices
  • Redundant power supplies for uninterrupted power

Maritime 40G

  • 4×4 MIMO to support heavy usage
  • High-gain antennas ready for land-use
  • Sleek and tall form factor pleasing to the eye


  • Installed at the reception and the social sphere to provide Wi-Fi
  • Increased coverage and faster speeds with Wi-Fi 6
  • Comes with customizable captive portals