Common Features

5G-Ready Maritime Antenna Series
5G Ready

5G can reach speeds 10x faster than 4G LTE. Download movies in just seconds.

The Maritime Antenna Series is IP68 Rated and UV Proof
IP68 Rated and UV Proof

Certified quality protection from dust, water, and UV allows you to use it even in poor weather conditions.

The Maritime Antenna Series has 7dBi High Gain
7dBi High Gain

Increased signal strength for a stronger connection and less interference.

The Maritime Antenna Series has GPS Support
GPS Support

Includes active and high performance GPS receiver ideal for location tracking.

Maritime Antenna Series' Maritime 20G Antenna

Maritime 20G

2x Cellular | 1x GPS

With 2 cellular channels, the Maritime 20G is a 5G-ready antenna to serve maritime deployments with its ultra-wide bandwidth. Equipped with high gain LNA, the built-in GPS receiver is ideal for tracking.

Maritime Antenna Series' Maritime 40G Antenna

Maritime 40G

4x Cellular | 1x GPS

With 4 cellular channels and a GPS, the Maritime 40G is an all-in-one antenna ready to bring unbreakable connectivity to maritime applications. 4×4 MIMO provides solid reliability under heavy usage.

  • Is the Maritime 20G / 40G suitable for me?


    Q1. For what application is this product best for?

    The Maritime 20G and 40G are 5G-ready MIMO antennas suitable for maritime applications and fixed land installations. The antennas’ omnidirectional pattern is perfect when there is a need to support connectivity to several cellular towers located in different locations.



    Q2. Why should I choose the Maritime 20G / 40G instead of other antennas?

    Compared to other antennas, the Maritime series supports a very wide frequency range starting from 400MHz up to 6GHz. These antennas are suitable not only for long range applications when low bands are needed, but are also perfect for higher bands which are frequently used for 5G applications. In addition, the Maritime antennas support Wi-Fi bands (2.4GHz and 5GHz) and can be used as Wi-Fi WAN antennas for maritime applications. The antennas also include an active GPS antenna making them a perfect all-in-one solution.



    Q3. Which Peplink router is recommended for use with the Maritime series?

    Peplink’s Maritime antennas can be used with any Peplink router as the antennas are router-independent. Therefore, please choose a router based on your application. We recommend the BR1 and the MAX Transit for smaller vessels, and the MBX HD4 or the EPX for applications demanding more throughput. It is also recommended to check which bands are supported by the router. For maritime applications, long range low bands are critical and they vary from region to region.




    What is included with the Maritime 20G / 40G?


    Q1. What’s in the box?

    Along with the antenna, the box contains the following:

    • Maritime mount set for mounting on a 1″ 14 TPI mount.
    • L-shape mount set for wall or pole mounting.
    • 40G also includes 1″ 14 TPI male mount (ACW-652).



    Q2. Is a warranty included with this product?

    Yes, both Maritime 20G and 40G come with a 1-year warranty.



    Q3. What are the antenna ordering options?

    There are two antenna options available:

    1. ANT-MR-20G-S-W-6 – 2x LTE/5G, 1x GPS, IP68, SMA, White, 6.5 ft / 2m
    2. ANT-MR-40G-S-W-6 – 4x LTE/5G, 1x GPS, IP68, SMA, White, 6.5 ft / 2m

    Both antennas are available in white, with 2m cables terminating in SMA connectors.



    Q4. What can I do if I need a connection cable that is longer than 6.5 feet?

    Please use expansion cables and if the cable is installed outdoors, please use additional sealing tape (e.g. amalgamating tape) since SMA connectors are not waterproof. However, please bear in mind that the goal is always to keep cables as short as possible to avoid any additional signal attenuation. For more details, please refer to the Peplink Antenna Webinar.



    Q5. What is the recommended spacing between antennas?

    We would recommend keeping at least 2 ft (60cm) of spacing. The ideal case is to have antennas spaced out at at least 3x the wavelength, which depends on the frequency. For instance, the wavelength for 600MHz is 19.7” (50cm), while for 2.5GHz is 4.7” (12cm). Therefore, for lower bands, it is recommended to have antennas at at least 5 ft (150cm) apart.




    Using the Maritime 20G / 40G


    Q1. Is there any installation recommendation for the Maritime 20G / 40G?

    Yes. Our datasheets (20G / 40G) have some installation recommendations for the 1″ 14 TPI adapter, wall mounts, pole mounts, etc.



    Q2. Is the Maritime series a correct choice for outdoor applications?

    Yes, definitely. These antennas were designed with harsh maritime conditions in mind. Both antennas are IP68 rated and only the highest grade materials were used to face long exposures to saltwater and UV, and to operate under any weather condition. Additionally, these antennas can withstand winds up to 100mph (160km/h).





    Q1. Are there any mounting accessories for the Maritime 20G / 40G ?

    Yes. We have a maritime grade 1″ 14 TPI deck mount accessory. Click here to learn more about our Premium Deck Mounts.




    What can I do if I need support?


    Q1. Does Peplink offer support for this product? What if I have difficulties setting it up?

    Firstly, Peplink Partners have an obligation to support the products they sell. Also, Peplink has an excellent and very active forum. Among the regular forum participants are Peplink Partners, Peplink employees and many very knowledgeable users. Generally, responses are delivered rather quickly. In the unlikely event of a suspected hardware or firmware issue, you can enter a support ticket with Peplink directly. In the latter case, you will receive attention from some of the best engineers. Peplink supports its customers like no other!



  • Product CodeDescription
    ANT-MR-20G-S-W-62X2 MIMO Ultra-Wide Bandwidth Maritime Antenna Supporting 5G (White)
    ANT-MR-40G-S-W-64X4 MIMO 5G-Ready Maritime Antenna with GPS Receiver (White)

    * For other available models, please see their respective datasheets for the ordering information.

  • Product CodeDescription
    ACW-6521″ 14 TPI Male Adapter

    *The Deck Mount Set is included in the Maritime 40G Antenna Package.