Red Sky SY

Maritime | Internet Connectivity

Red Sky is a 100 foot luxurious yacht that was recently refitted. The owners wanted to ensure reliable connectivity by installing a complete wireless infrastructure on board.


The owners wanted a complete infrastructure that would provide reliable connectivity far from the shoreline as well as cover the entire 100 foot yacht with quality Wi-Fi. Another important challenge was to ensure the security of the network and allow for the owners to easily manage and monitor the network.


Looking through their options, the owners chose to go with Peplink and brought on TECHfirm Canarias to support the deployment. They deployed a MAX HD2 MBX, MAX HD2 Dome, 16-Port SD Switch, SIM Injector, four AP One AX, and a Maritime 40G antenna.

The MAX HD2 MBX was deployed in the lazaret along with the Maritime 40G antenna, greatly increasing signal strength and range. The MAX HD2 Dome was deployed to the mast which provided another strong, long range channel for cellular signals. To help facilitate the changing and management of SIM cards, a SIM Injector was deployed at the chart table and connected to the MAX HD2 MBX. Also at the chart table was the SD Switch 16-Port. With its PoE ports providing both power and connectivity, the 4x AP One AX were able to be deployed throughout the boat, providing Wi-Fi 6 connectivity to everyone onboard.

Supporting and bringing all of these devices together is SpeedFusion. SpeedFusion tunnels were created between the MAX HD2 MBX, the MAX HD2 Dome, and the Internet. This provided the Red Sky with multiple cellular channels as well as a secure pathway for the support team at TECHfirm Canarias to use InControl to remotely monitor and manage the network connection in real time.


Thanks to this complete infrastructure solution, the Red Sky can maintain reliable cellular connectivity dozens of kilometers away from shore. In addition, SpeedFusion allows TECHfirm Canarias to set up multiple layers of security, ensuring that the Red Sky’s communications remain private and secure. Finally, InControl allows TECHfirm Canarias’s support team to actively monitor and remotely resolve any issues that might arise.



  • Deployed in the lazaret
  • Combines bandwidth of dual cellular links
  • Future proof design with swappable cellular module

MAX HD2 Dome

  • Deployed to the mast
  • Enables long range channel for strong signal
  • IP67 enclosure with minimal profile
Industrial Grade 16-Port SD Switch for Rugged Environment #2

SD Switch 16-Port Rugged

  • Placed at the chart table
  • Provides power and connectivity for AP One AXs
  • Comes with LAN bypass ports for deployment flexibility

SIM Injector

  • Placed at the chart table
  • Allows for convenient switching of SIMs
  • Holds up to 8 additional SIMs


  • Installed in different locations onboard
  • Provides Wi-Fi 6 throughout the yacht
  • Comes with custom captive portals

Maritime 40G

  • Deployed in the lazaret
  • Comes with 4×4 MIMO for solid reliability
  • IP68 rated and UV-stable housing