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Apr 14, 2022
Peplink Launches Zero-Touch LAN Management Service, InTouch

Peplink announced the launch of InTouch, a zero-touch remote network management solution that helps administrators avoid expensive OOBM or VPN licensing and infrastructure overhead.

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Apr 07, 2022
Choosing the Right Antenna

Using a right antenna can make your connectivity setup greater than the sum of its parts. But how to do it? Here's all you need to know before purchasing.

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Mar 25, 2022
Mass Upgrade to Smooth and Constant Connectivity for Retails

An American retailer upgraded their branch networks by deploying Peplink's dual-cellular routers in major retail stores.

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Mar 08, 2022
Peplink Becomes AWS Transit Gateway Connect Partner

Peplink joins a group of leading SD-WAN partners that help AWS customers simplify and automate connections to AWS Transit Gateway.

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Feb 22, 2022
Peplink 5G Devices Officially Receive Verizon Certification

To add onto our Verizon certified portfolio, we are excited to announce that the following Peplink devices are now officially Verizon 5G certified.

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Feb 16, 2022
SpeedFusion Cloud: From One to Another

SpeedFusion Cloud is Peplink’s infrastructure for a global network home to SpeedFusion nodes. 1 router, 28 nodes, several technologies, and endless possibilities - this is what Peplink’s SpeedFusion Cloud helps you achieve. Get to know a bit more about SpeedFusion Cloud and what it offers.

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Jan 27, 2022
Obtaining and Sharing Logistics Data and Why It Matters

Data and information in the logistics industry flow constantly, and are obtained through different ways. Here are some of those ways and why they matter.

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Jan 26, 2022
Peplink Deploys a Great Start In Mexico with Qualitas Seguros

Peplink, a company that makes connectivity reliable, Connectivity Solutions (solution provider), and CTO Networks (Peplink Distributor in Mexico), have recently completed a deployment for Qualitas Seguros, a leading Insurance company in Mexico, marking the beginning of many opportunities in the country.

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Jan 20, 2022
Logistics Company Cuts Ties with MPLS Network for SD-WAN Solution

An American logistics company cuts ties with their MPLS network to make room for a more flexible solution with the help of Peplink's Balance series.

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Dec 23, 2021
Fast and Reliable Connectivity for Fast-Food Ordering Kiosks

What sets fast-food enterprises apart from other eateries is its defining feature: fast. Peplink makes this possible for a food enterprise in this story.

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Dec 17, 2021
We Are Safe From Log4j

In light of the recently published Log4j vulnerabilities, Peplink has verified and confirmed that none of our products, including IC2 and ICVA, are using the Log4j software. Peplink is therefore not affected by this vulnerability. 

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Dec 15, 2021
Six Ways Branch Connectivity is Serving the Food Industry

Reliable branch connectivity serves as one of the main ingredients to maintaining quality service at a food chain. Curious to know what it does? Here are 6 ways reliable connectivity serves the food industry.

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