Operator of World’s Largest Construction Ship Renews Deal with Peplink

5 May 2022 – Peplink – a company that makes connectivity reliable, and Frontier BV – a business IT specialist and a key Peplink European distributor, will be upgrading Allseas’ fleet of construction vessels, including the Pioneering Spirit.

Everyday, Peplink technologies ensure reliable network connectivity in thousands of enterprises in retail, industrial, public safety, healthcare and government organizations. Peplink’s industry leading product portfolio of 5G routers and management software are typically deployed in workplaces, shops, vehicles, yachts, large vessels, drones, and IoT systems.

FrontierBV is a connectivity expert in the maritime sector from the Netherlands. One of Frontier BV’s very first deployments was to design an unbreakable network solution for the Pioneering Spirit, Allseas’ flagship and the world’s largest construction ship with a crew of 600. FrontierBV used Peplink LTE routers and its SpeedFusion Hot Failover technology to combine LTE, VSAT, Iridium and WiFi to ensure the ship stayed online constantly at any location. Throughout all these years, Allseas remained very satisfied.

Now, Allseas has tasked Frontier BV to upgrade the ship – along with the rest of Allseas’ fleet. With the recent advances Peplink made, Frontier BV has a lot more to offer. These include a whole range of high-performance 5G routers, such as the Dome series, routers with integrated high power antennas for outdoor and maritime deployments, and the MBX series, high-performance wireless SD-WAN routers capable of combining multiple LTE/5G connections to maximize bandwidth. These are further supported by SpeedFusion Cloud and FusionSIM technologies, which make it easier than ever to deploy and manage Peplink devices anywhere. Ultimately, these Peplink equipment will be deployed in Allseas’ fleet to incorporate new technologies, such as 5G, satellite, beam, to make the ship’s network faster and more reliable.

Richard Koenders, Managing Director of Frontier BV said, “True to its namesake, trusting Peplink on its critical network needs was a pioneering move back in 2014. Peplink’s solution worked flawlessly throughout the years and this trust proved to be well placed. The renewal of this deal is the ultimate proof. Now that Peplink has grown much bigger, we are in a position to offer an even better solution.”

Keith Chau, General Manager of Peplink said, “Businesses all over the world are accelerating the adoption of mobile connectivity because of its many advantages over fixed networks. While Peplink focuses on developing great products and technologies in this space, there are plenty of opportunities for committed partners such as FrontierBV to offer our highly differentiated solutions and build lasting customer relationships. Upgrading the Pioneering Spirit is a great case in point. We invite potential partners to join us to bring unbreakable connectivity everywhere.”

About Frontier Computer Corp BV

The Peplink Connectivity Specialist in the SD-WAN market. Since 2014, Frontier BV is fully focused on delivering the best Peplink connectivity solutions in the market and is one of the largest European Peplink Distributors. We know how to turn our experience and passion into success with the goal of becoming the #1 connectivity specialist in the SD-WAN market. Learn more about Frontier BV.

About Peplink

Peplink makes connectivity reliable. Peplink’s ecosystem, SpeedFusion technology and SD-WAN routers have been deployed around the world, helping thousands of customers from many industries increase bandwidth, enhance Internet reliability, reduce connectivity cost, or enable new deployment possibilities. Learn more about Peplink.

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