Unbreakable Maritime Connectivity

Combine Multiple LTE, WiFi and VSAT for Reliable and Fast Onboard Connectivity.

Reliable Internet connectivity can provide enhanced enjoyment onboard and increased navigational capabilities (nautical charts, weather reports – or the location of the nearest marina), additional entertainment for the guests and crew (IP Radio/TV, news, social media) as well as secure corporate communications (VoIP, email and messaging). However getting reliable internet connectivity at sea has a number of specific challenges particular to this difficult and ever-changing environment.

What are your Challenges in Maritime Connectivity?

Fluctuating Network Availability

Network availability and speed of links vary based on the vessel’s location. Peplink combines any connection to ensure connectivity is always available.

Bandwidth Need for Shipboard Resources

Incumbent satellite solutions can no longer accommodate the rising bandwidth requirements for streaming IPTV, email, access to company servers and external cloud and CCTV footages.

Connection Cost Control

To avoid data cost from spiraling out of control, Peplink can automatically prioritize data usage to lower cost connections, such as port WiFi over LTE, or local LTE over satellite.

The Big Picture

Featured Products

MAX BR1 Pro 5G
  • Connects to wide range of WAN options, from LTE-A, satellite modems, to fixed line networks 
  • Modular architecture enables flexibility to build EPX according to your demand
  • 30 Gbps router throughput – enough for all guests on large vessels
HD1 Dome Pro
  • Single 5G IP67 router
  • Provides cellular connectivity to the network
  • IP67 rated enclosure to withstand different weather conditions
Pepxim SIM Injector. Add another 8 SIM cards to your deployment and extend up to 100m.
SIM Injector
  • Connect to a compatible router to increase SIM slots
  • Allows convenient changing of SIM Cards
  • Provide heaps of redundancy
Pepwave MAX HD4 MBX. Quad Cellular Gigabit LTE Mobile Router.
  • Modular Cellular router
  • Enables up to 4 cellular connections from multiple carriers
  • Aggregates all available links to form one large channel
Transit Duo Pro
  • Dual-cellular Multi-WAN router
  • USB Power input for flexibility
  • SpeedFusion technology for Bandwidth Bonding
Maritime 10
  • Used to enhance signal reception and transmission
  • IP68 rated durable omnidirectional antenna
  • 5G ready to make integration simple
SD Switch 16-Port Rugged
  • PoE+ output for deployment flexibility
  • Provides power and connectivity for AP One AC Mini
  • Fanless Design. Ready for Any Environment
AP One AC Mini
  • Provide user access control to various predefined user groups
  • Powered by the SD-Switch with the built-in 802.3af PoE input
  • Ease of management from either the AP controller or InControl 2, all from any web-browser
SpeedFusion Connect 5G/LTE
  • Peplink’s on-demand data plan
  • Access to Multiple Networks Under One Plan
  • Simple & Convenient
SD-WAN Connectivity Solutions for Healthcare & Hospitals #8

InControl 2

Cloud-Based Network Management Platform

InControl2 cloud-based endpoint management system enabling remote access to any Peplink device on your network. From a single screen, configurations can be pushed to any and all of your Peplink devices. InControl2 also generates useful reports on all aspects of your network, and can be integrated to your existing systems through API.

Peplink for Superyachts

Solutions, Devices and Use Cases

Superyachts have long been bringing pleasure to their owners and guests, not only because of the view they can reach but also because of the luxury experience they deliver. However, to ensure the quality of trips onboard, unbreakable connectivity and a stable network should always be on standby. Get to know Peplink’s connectivity solutions for superyachts by downloading the brochure.