Mass Upgrade to Smooth and Constant Connectivity for Retails

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Self-service kiosks are becoming increasingly common in many industries, especially the retail sector. In order to catch up with the connectivity needs of this implementation, retail enterprises often need to upgrade their networks. This often means increased expenses that come in the form of labour costs, installation expenditures and maintenance costs for tangibles. To level up networks without having to burn a hole in their pockets, many retail enterprises opt for adding cellular connections to their physical stores. In the US, a well-known footwear retailer and orthopedic foot care steps up to the challenge with Peplink.

Getting Off on the Wrong Foot

As a way to scale operations, they wanted to deploy self-service kiosks to over 5000 locations within major retail stores across the country. To let these kiosks and other concurrent in-store operations work smoothly and constantly, reliable connectivity is a must. Additionally, whichever connectivity device they deploy, it has to be small enough to easily fit into tight spaces.

Since they wanted to upgrade the connectivity for a large number of sites, they needed a platform to facilitate the deployment as well as for maintenance. They were also hoping for an easy deployment without on-site IT intervention. However, despite the scale of this project, they needed to meet all these requirements within a limited time-frame. 

Peplink Stepping In

Reaching out to one of Peplink’s partners, they were introduced to the Transit Pro E. In order to keep a constant connection, this router provides up to three connections: one Ethernet connection and two LTE connections.

With its multiple certifications, this industrial-grade connectivity comes in a ruggedized and compact enclosure. And to aid with the massive roll out, Peplink’s partner introduced InControl 2’s zero touch configuration. All devices were deployed without the need for on-site IT assistance.

No More Achilles Heel

This solution proved to be a step towards the right direction ever since the Transit Pro E recorded the longest uptimes during the field trials when compared to competitors. After deployment, the unmanned kiosks were able to retain carrier flexibility and are all monitored through InControl 2. Additionally, the retail enterprise received an added win with the swift deployment time of 6 weeks.

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Transit Pro E

  1. Redundancy with 1x Ethernet WAN and 2x LTE
  2. Ruggedized small form factor with wide temperature range
  3. Large-scale deployment supported by InControl 2