Peplink Becomes AWS Transit Gateway Connect Partner

8 Mar 2022 – Peplink, a company that makes connectivity reliable, is now an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Transit Gateway Connect Partner. Peplink joins a group of leading SD-WAN partners that help AWS customers simplify and automate connections to AWS Transit Gateway.

Peplink’s SpeedFusion technology gives customers powerful tools to improve connectivity quality and cost at any location. The integration with AWS Transit Gateway Connect helps Peplink customers achieve high speed and low latency connections to AWS Transit Gateway at the edge of the AWS global network. Once connected to AWS Transit Gateway, customers can connect to their Amazon Virtual Private Clouds (VPC) in any AWS Region, or between their on-premises data centers using AWS Cloud WAN (Preview).

Being an AWS Transit Gateway Connect Partner gives Peplink’s customers confidence that they can leverage advanced SpeedFusion capabilities in a manner that is optimal and secure. This also gives customers a streamlined way to deploy SpeedLink solution, so they can achieve an Enterprise-grade global deployment seamlessly, allowing them to simplify what would otherwise be a complicated, manual setup. 

Keith Chau, General Manager of Peplink said, “with AWS Transit Gateway Connect, users can now build faster, more responsive and more secure SpeedFusion connections to the edge of the AWS network . Coupled with Peplink’s strong wireless SD-WAN capability, businesses of all sizes can now use 4G and 5G networks to enhance or replace wired connections at their edge locations. We will continue to improve our product stack through further collaboration.”

About Peplink: Peplink makes connectivity reliable. Peplink’s ecosystem, SpeedFusion technology, and SD-WAN routers are deployed around the world, helping thousands of customers from many industries increase bandwidth, enhance Internet reliability, reduce connectivity cost, or enable new deployment possibilities. Learn more about Peplink.