SpeedFusion Cloud: From One to Another

SpeedFusion Cloud is Peplink’s infrastructure for a global network home to SpeedFusion nodes. 1 router, 28 nodes, several technologies, and endless possibilities – this is what Peplink’s SpeedFusion Cloud helps you achieve. Get to know a bit more about SpeedFusion Cloud and what it offers.

1 Router

To access the SpeedFusion Cloud network, all you need is 1 Peplink router. This acts as one endpoint, while SpeedFusion Cloud acts as the other. SpeedFusion Cloud is supported by all Peplink routers with no other infrastructure needed for setup or maintenance. Access to the SpeedFusion Cloud network can be purchased through SpeedFusion Cloud Plans, or through a Care Plan.

28 Nodes

SpeedFusion Cloud allows you to maximize their speeds and achieve the fastest response time. This is possible through the 28 SpeedFusion Cloud nodes Peplink hosts on public clouds all over the world. These act as the second endpoint of your link. With at least 1 SpeedFusion Cloud node in 6 out of 7 of the world’s continents, you have the option to build a SpeedFusion connection for unbreakable connectivity anywhere.

Several Technologies

Using your Peplink router along with 1 out of 28 SpeedFusion Cloud nodes opens your network to a variety of technologies ready to support your connectivity needs. Once a SpeedFusion connection is established, you equip your connection with Peplink’s patented SpeedFusion technology. SpeedFusion technology presents you and your connection with an array of technologies ready to support your network.

SpeedFusion’s Bandwidth Bonding enables you to combine the speed of multiple connections to a larger channel for heavier data transfers. Additionally, Hot Failover will help automatically and seamlessly transfer your ongoing sessions to an active link when your primary connection drops. Another technology is Smoothing, minimizing latency and reducing effects of packet loss for smoother online use.

These are only three of the several technologies made available through a bonded connection with SpeedFusion Cloud.

Endless Possibilities

At this point, you might be thinking that all these sound quite complex and there’s no use for SpeedFusion Cloud or its technology where you’re at. However, SpeedFusion Cloud serves as an ally in many industries including, but not limited to, the following.

For enterprises with multiple offices, the SpeedFusion Cloud allows branches with poor connectivity options to aggregate the bandwidth of multiple slow connections. Additionally, they can utilize Hot Failover to switch between cable and cellular when links go down. Another industry that shares the same benefits is broadcasting and media. Bandwidth Bonding allows the continuous streaming of live HD content, while Smoothing prevents the video from jitters. 

In addition to stationary applications, SpeedFusion Cloud also supports the mobile industry. Hot Failover allows devices in vehicles to failover from the primary line to a secondary connection when the primary line encounters a dead zone.

SpeedFusion Cloud safeguards and strengthens your network connectivity, anytime, anywhere.

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