Luxurious Connectivity for a Luxury Superyacht

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Luxury superyachts have been sailing for years, servicing passengers with opulent comfort. In this situation, a 57m luxury superyacht wanted to elevate their standard of service and provide quality connectivity for their passengers. 

A Need for

Sea-mless Superyacht Internet

First and foremost, the luxury superyacht needed reliable wireless connectivity while travelling around the world, servicing up to 30 users and crew on board. Additionally, to minimize the costs, they needed to achieve LTE/5G connectivity as far away from the coast as possible. They also requested to install the minimum number of antennas required on the superyacht. To meet the requirements, they turned to Peplink partner Twenty 47.

All Peplink

Hands on Deck

Twenty 47 deployed Peplink’s latest powerhouse HD4 MBX 5G with four LTE/5G cellular modems. Supporting LTE/5G bands worldwide, especially low bands that are crucial for long-range connectivity, this device is the ideal pick for the superyacht. The HD4 MBX 5G was connected to a privately owned SDX in the USA through SpeedFusion, for Bandwidth Bonding. On top of this technology, SpeedFusion added onto the security with its packet-level encryption. 

In order to maintain this connection, an omnidirectional wide bandwidth and high-performance antenna was needed. Specifically designed for maritime environments and with four LTE/5G antenna elements, Peplink’s Maritime 40G Antennas were installed onto the superyacht. Twenty 47 added a SIM Injector to the deployment to utilize up to 16 cellular providers with the HD4 MBX 5G.

Smooth Cruising to


Thanks to Twenty 47’s setup, the luxury superyacht can rely on different cellular carriers and avoid problems of spotty coverage at sea. With Bandwidth Bonding, passengers and crew of the superyacht can enjoy the best speeds despite a large number of users.

As for the requirement of as few antenna installations as possible, this solution only called for four antennas. Adding the SIM Injector to the deployment allowed for a closer installation of the HD4 MBX 5G to the antennas and more convenient swapping of SIM cards, as far as 100m. This reduces the signal loss due to cable attenuation.

With just one HD4 MBX 5G, a private SDX, and four Maritime 40G Antennas, the luxury superyacht is now experiencing top-tier connectivity without compromising their wallet. 




  • Supports worldwide bands for mobile connectivity
  • 4 cellular modems with SpeedFusion technologies bring reliable connectivity
  • Capable of using SpeedFusion Cloud to access SFC nodes around the world


  • Deployed in a stationary location away from the vessel
  • Enables Bandwidth Bonding for greater speeds
  • Enhances security with packet level encryption

SIM Injector

  • Allows closer installation of router to antennas
  • Enables convenient changing of SIM cards
  • Increases SIM cards pool and provides more options

Maritime 40G

  • High gain and high efficiency antenna
  • Wide band covering all LTE/5G bands worldwide
  • Enables best possible signal reception away from coast

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