S/Y Namaste

Marine | Internet Connectivity

Axxess Marine specializes in Marine communications, 4G/5G/LTE, VSAT and SatTV, hardware, antennas and installation for Yacht, Superyachts, Cruise Lines, Commercial Shipping and the Oil industry, in the Mediterranean, Europe, Asia, the UAE, Australia (trans-Tasman), Caribbean, Latin America, U.S., Canada, Bahamas and beyond.


When long-standing client S/Y Namaste approached Axxess Marine regarding their forthcoming upgrade requirements, they faced two immediate challenges. Firstly, to recommend the best solutions for a charter vessel that travels extensively, with the need for high data usage across cellular and VSAT. Secondly to ensure that the most appropriate hardware was going to be practical to install and use within the compact interior of this 24M sailing catamaran.


Following detailed discussions, the Axxess Marine team proposed an Inmarsat satellite system and, to ensure optimum coverage, recommended an LTEA cellular solution comprising Pepwave MAX HD2 mini router, Balance 210, and a Pepxim SIM injector for remote SIM management and reduced cable run.


The global lockdown heightened the importance of having a robust marine communication system in place, together with reliable internet and fast data. Feedback confirmed Axxess Marine’s upgrade on S/Y Namaste with Peplink hardware delivered the goods, ensuring continuous and stable connectivity throughout their extensive itinerary.


Peplink Balance 210. Ultimate Small Branch Router with with 2 WAN Connections.
Balance 210
  • A solid 7 Port router that features dual WAN
  • Two GbE WAN ports
Pepwave MAX HD2 mini. Compact Dual 4G LTE Mobile Router.
Pepwave HD2 mini
  • Dual embedded cellular
  • SpeedFusion bandwidth bonding
  • PoE
Pepxim SIM Injector. Add another 8 SIM cards to your deployment and extend up to 100m.
SIM Injector
  • With the SIM Injector, and the number of cards increases to twelve