Reliable connections at sea produce a sea of benefits: seamless entertainment access for guests and crew (social media, news, streaming platforms), secure communications (VoIP, email and messaging), and enhanced navigational capabilities (nautical charts, weather reports, location tracking). While establishing a robust maritime network faces a number of challenges,  the right network infrastructure comprises suitable hardware and powerful technologies to leverage available connectivity options at sea.

What are your Challenges in Maritime Connectivity?

Fluctuating Network Availability

Network availability and speed vary based on location, risking telemetry transmission and data integrity. Peplink combines onboard connections, such as cellular and satellite, to ensure always-on connectivity.

Bandwidth Need for Shipboard Resources

Incumbent satellite solutions can no longer accommodate the rising bandwidth requirements for streaming IPTV, email, access to company servers and external cloud and CCTV footage.

Connection Cost Control

To avoid data cost from spiraling out of control, Peplink can automatically prioritize data usage to lower cost connections, such as port Wi-Fi over LTE, or local LTE over satellite.

Scarce Onboard IT Expertise

Large fleets require a platform to monitor and troubleshoot networks for each vessel, while crews for ships may have limited onboard IT technicians to resolve network issues in real time.

Dedicated Hardware for Maritime Needs

With ever-changing conditions at sea, vessels of all types require robust and suitable hardware designed to withstand the environment, without breaking the bank.

The Big Picture

Peplink EPX. Rapidly Deployable, Powerful, and Versatile SD-WAN Router.
  • Connects to wide range of WAN options, from LTE-A, satellite modems, to fixed line networks 
  • Modular architecture enables flexibility to build EPX according to your demand
  • 30 Gbps router throughput – enough for all guests on large vessels
Pepwave MAX HD4 MBX. Quad Cellular Gigabit LTE Mobile Router.
  • Supports 4 interchangeable LTE cellular modules which could be upgraded to 5G or any future mobile technologies
  • MBX can receive LTE signal offshore (with good antenna setup) to minimize satellite bandwidth cost
  • Supports WiFi as WAN near pier facilities
Pepwave MAX HD2 Dome. Dual Cellular Router for Mobile Outdoor Deployments.
HD2 Dome
  • Deployed outdoor with IP67 waterproof rating
  • Integrated antennas to minimize cable loss, giving you the best signal possible.
Pepwave MAX Transit Duo. Dual LTE-A Pro Router ideal for transportation deployments.
Transit Duo
  • Worldwide coverage with CAT12
  • Cost effective under PrimeCare model
Peplink 16-Port Rugged SD Switch. PoE enabled switch with 16 Gigabit ports & 2 SFP ports for industrial environments.
SD Switch 16-Port Rugged
  • Network switch fully manageable with InControl 2 cloud management
  • Multiple PoE+ output reduces cable needs
Pepxim SIM Injector. Add another 8 SIM cards to your deployment and extend up to 100m.
SIM Injector
  • Add up to 8x SIMs
  • Mount the HD Dome / MBX on the Mast and manage SIMs from below decks
Pepwave AP One AX. 4×4 Wi-Fi 6 Access Point.
  • Access point extends WiFi signal to cover the whole vessel
  • Supports 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6)
  • Fully manageable with InControl 2 cloud management