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eLearning: Good for Students, but Challenging to Implement

The integration of eLearning in educational institutions brings many benefits to the development of students. However, the following difficulties make adopting eLearning a challenge:

  • ● Limited availability of high speed Internet links
  • ● Restricted budget
  • ● Unstable Internet links causes disruptions to content delivery
  • ● Insufficient bandwidth to connect hundreds of students simultaneously
  • ● Inability to connect a large number of devices in a classroom or lecture halls due to Wi-Fi saturation.

We explained the problem to Peplink. And they promptly got back to us with a caching router- the MediaFast overcomes all our network congestion problems! The speed difference in content retrieval is extremely impressive.”

– Alberto Pamos. IT Director, Colégio Next.

Peplink’s Unique Solutions

Peplink delivers unique network solutions to address the challenges faced by educators.


The MediaFast is built on the Peplink Balance series and includes all the advanced features. It load-balances between multiple WAN connections to deliver Unbreakable Internet. At the same time, cached content is instantly delivered to a large number of concurrent users over Pepwave APs campus-wide. Management couldn’t be easier – InControl 2 provides powerful centralized management on the cloud.

Key Benefits

Lightning-Fast Content Delivery

MediaFast Caching Solutions download web content once, and allow unlimited playback and access. Students download content within seconds from MediaFast as compared to minutes from usual download.

Stable Wireless Connectivity

Peplink allows you to add bandwidth anytime and load balance multiple Internet links. Internet connections can failover automatically, maintaining an unbreakable connection.

Cost Savings

Peplink can load balance multiple cost-effective Internet links to achieve a high performance Internet experience. There is no need to invest heavily on a high speed dedicated Internet link.

Campus-Wide Coverage

A single Pepwave Access Point can support more than 50 concurrent connections. Achieve campus-wide Wi-Fi coverage with a wide range of AP products.

Recommended Products

MediaFast Content Caching

Available for mobile and campus environments, the Balance with MediaFast connects up to 7 Internet links and offers 1TB of caching capacity.

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Pepwave AP One

Pepwave AP One access points deliver enterprise-grade performance, and the flexibility to deploy anywhere. It is easy to setup and manage.

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InControl 2

Peplink’s cloud based device management, monitoring and reporting tools are designed specially for Peplink and Pepwave devices. Centrally manage SpeedFusion profiles, device configurations, and firmware updates. Open up APIs for further integration and customization.

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