Alltech Solutions is a full-service technology and network solutions provider for the Education sector and small offices in California, US. 

Alltech Solutions for Education. Connectivity for schools and classrooms.


Alltech provides managed services to three Public Charter School organizations with 68 sites in total. Using Peplink’s SD-WAN solutions, Alltech replaced expensive private T1 leased lines for these schools with commodity broadband links without being tied down to a particular ISP. This resulted in huge savings in connectivity costs and the network connection speed improved as well.


Alltech deploys two Balance 2500s, one in its office and the second at a data colocation site. Both are linked to FusionHub that is hosted on AWS and Google Cloud. For each remote school site, Alltech uses a Balance 210 which is then linked to both Balance 2500s through SpeedFusion. Alltech also adds a layer of redundancy by adding LTE mobile hotspots to the Balance 210s via USB port. This ensures that the network is always on. In addition, Alltech is able to provide service to a school site that is out of reach of any wired network by using the MAX HD2’s dual LTE connection.

Alltech Solutions for Education. Picture of solution.

“Thank you Peplink for making reliable hardware that is easy to use and configure. This has kept these schools running for years now.”

Justin Watkins, Field IT Services Manager at Alltech.


The whole network was easy to set up and configure, and it got the job done at a fraction of the cost of other network equipment. As a testament to Peplink’s reliability, Alltech says that their Peplink hardware has reliably chugged along and kept the school networks running without needing any replacements for years. Performance remained completely rock solid even during a cloud migration, where they moved 16TB of data in a month.


Peplink Balance 2500. Flagship Balance SD-WAN router with 12 WAN Connections.
Balance 2500

Alltech corporate office and Colocation

Peplink Balance 210. Ultimate Small Branch Router with with 2 WAN Connections.
Balance 210

Deployed at remote school sites / small offices, connected to both Balance 2500s  with LTE mobile hotspot as failover connected via USB

Pepwave HD2. Dual 4G LTE Mobile Router.

Pepwave MAX HD2at remote sites that has no access to wired internet, only LTE

Peplink FusionHub Virtual Appliance. Extend SpeedFusion to Your Cloud.

FusionHub Virtual Appliance hosted on AWS and GCE