• Like large vessels, small boats require reliable connectivity at sea, but they have limited space to accommodate extensive infrastructure.
  • Peplink’s BR1 Pro 5G deployed with Maritime 20G antennas and and APO AX builds a dependable onboard infrastructure.
  • Additional components such as a Starlink dish, a PrimeCare plan to enable virtual WANs, and establishing a FusionHub creates a supercharged maritime solution.

For any size and kind of vessel, optimizing network performance can enhance onboard users’ wireless internet experience, but it can also be crucial for safety operations. While this applies to all vessels, a small boat like a yacht or recreational power boat can only accommodate limited infrastructure in comparison to a large cruise ship. 

For this installation, a small boat required a reliable connection for communication and entertainment applications. Both uses would require not only a stable enough connection, but one with large bandwidth. Supercharge your small vessel’s connectivity with this same solution deployed by Peplink’s Captain Nik. 

Slim and Versatile at the Heart of the Setup

Even for a small boat, reliable connectivity requires a powerful router. Designed fittingly is the MAX BR1 Pro 5G standing at just under 3 cm in height. Its embedded cellular modem and redundant SIM slots allow you to leverage 5G connectivity at sea and conveniently switch between 2 carriers for wider coverage. 

Short Antenna, Long Range Signals

Perfect for long range applications like sailing away from the shore, take dual Maritime 20G antennas on board and connect them to the BR1 Pro 5G. Its slender figure makes it suitable for connecting to cellular towers at different locations, enhancing 5G signal reception. Shorter than other antennas in the Maritime series, this is the go-to for small vessels. 

Un-Shell-Fish Wi-Fi 

Don’t keep your Wi-Fi clammed up in one area and extend its coverage by incorporating an AP One AX to your setup. Whether on the deck or in the cabin, this access point ensures all aboard will have access to Wi-Fi 6 speeds for the ultimate seamless wireless experience. 

Reaching for the Skies

For greater flexibility, connect a Starlink dish to the BR1 Pro 5G as another connection source. And if you find yourself in need of another WAN port for wired interfaces on your small boat, just subscribe your BR1 Pro 5G to a PrimeCare plan to create a virtual WAN on a particular VLAN. 

Go Big for Your Small Boat

While the physical infrastructure may be complete, you can further strengthen this network. Connect your BR1 Pro 5G to an established FusionHub to enable network enhancing technologies like Bandwidth Bonding. With 5G and Starlink connections available, Bandwidth Bonding aggregates both channels into a single channel of greater speed – perfect for activities like streaming content onboard your small vessel. Go big on your connectivity for your small vessel.